Genji's wall climb buff in Overwatch PTR is an indirect buff to his Dragonblade

By Kurtis Chan on May 5, 2017

A new PTR patch just arrived yesterday with Genji being one of the heroes receiving a buff, specifically to his wall climb. But little did Blizzard know that the new buff actually allows Genji to cancel animation, and he can add in three extra Dragonblade swings thanks to this buff.

Genji's Dragonblade was fixed or buffed (whichever you deem fit) in the latest Overwatch patch, which makes the ult to have consistently seven swings in total. With the animation cancelling, he will now have a total of ten swings. It may not sound that strong on papers, but it can potentially kill up to three extra enemies if his combo can be executed flawlessly, and keep in mind that this is without Nano Boost. Take a look at the video by CrossGameMedia below where he demonstrated how the mechanics work.

The recent buff to Genji's wall climb was a quality of life change, and it literally changed to quality of life for the enemy team that has to deal with Genji. The animation cancelling is most likely not what Blizzard had in mind. This seemingly unintended buff to Genji is extremely powerful, especially when it is used in maps with enclosed space like Ilios, Hanamura, Lijiang Tower, King's Row, Dorado, and many more.

To execute the animation cancelling while swinging his Dragonblade is no easy feat, but you can expect Genji pros like Shadder2K and ShaDowBurn pulling it off effortlessly, given that Blizzard has no intentions on fixing it.

I do hope that Blizzard will not allow this buff to make it out of the Overwatch PTR as this is absolutely game-breaking. What do you think of this? Should Blizzard allow it to hit live servers or should they remove it as soon as possible?

Kurtis Chan
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