Garena Reveals Arena Of Valor, Their 1st Mobile MOBA Game

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 8, 2017

Garena, one of the regions most prolific platform provider has recently revealed their new mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor. It was announced recently on their newly created Arena of Valor Facebook Page.

Here is a sneak preview at Arena of Valor:

Arena of Valor will feature 5v5 game modes each lasting at least 15 minutes per round, with players battling over 3 lanes ala Dota 2/ League of Legends style. It will be featuring a 2 finger control scheme which is quite standard for a mobile MOBA in this day and age. Additionally, players can also find cool DC heroes such as the Batman or The Joker in the roster lists, giving you DC fans a MOBA you can finally get into.

Here is an early look at one of their available heroes:


Looks like there will be another mobile MOBA to look forward to, officially bringing this trend to a saturation point. Will it pick up among the masses, we will just have to wait until it is released.

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