Garena Malaysia's new Garena Student Alliance program will be a big help in growing the local e-Sports scene

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 26, 2017

Garena Malaysia recently launched the Garena Student Alliance (GSA) in conjunction with the Malaysia Campus League (MYCL) Season 3, and this initiative from Garena Malaysia will bring Malaysia's e-Sports scene into greater heights.

Garena Student Alliance

The main purpose that GSA serves is to create support and empower university students in Malaysia to build a structured and well-established e-Sports club in their respective campuses, and these clubs are also known as "GSA eSports Club", governed by GSA leaders.

GSA operates base on 3 of their own principles: education, community, and e-Sports. 

  • Education
    • Learn about club management and event planning from industry experts through leadership bootcamps
    • Gain domain knowledge in gaming/ e-Sports industry from a various range of topics in GSA Talks
    • Gain exposure to the global e-Sports scene and build critical soft skills through organizing club activities
  • Community
    • Meet other gamers and make new friends from your own or other colleges/universities and invite them to play games together
  • E-Sports
    • Prove that you have what it takes to be the best player in Malaysia by participating in various tournaments like the Malaysia Campus League, and stand a chance to compete in the international stage
    • Compete to win yourself a scholarship for your studies

Support from the GSA

Setting up and managing a club is no easy feat as the students have to juggle between studies and club activities. Garena recognizes the difficulty in doing so and they are ready to lend a helping hand, or two.

  • Guidance in establishing, building, and managing a GSA eSports Club
    • The GSA team is ready to guide GSA Leaders right from the beginning to ensure everything runs smoothly. Garena will provide consultations and trainings on how to run an eSports club and also how to organize a tournament across all aspects like logistics, infrastructure, tournament rules, tournament structure and prize pools.
  • Attractive rewards for GSA eSports Club members
    • Garena will provide attractive perks and merchandise to each and every member of GSA eSports Clubs. Upon joining the club, you are entitled to an exclusive GSA shirt, card, badge and lanyard. Furthermore, Garena is also ready to sponsor a variety of in-game items for League of Legends and Fifa Online 3, such as LoL champions, LoL skins, FO3 player packs, and many more.
  • Exclusive rewards for active GSA Leaders
    • Garena knows how hard it can be to manage a club and also studying for exams. Therefore, Garena will reward outstanding GSA Leaders with an all-expense paid trip to watch an international tournament for their distinguished contributions to the GSA program.

Besides grooming more e-Sports athletes, Garena is also looking to increase the number of industry experts through the introduction of MYCL Host Search, which is a talent search program for all university students to gain experience in the broadcast productions field. "This year, we prioritized making MYCL a campus event co-managed by the students and our GSA eSports Club Presidents. By introducing the MYCL Host Search, we are giving more opportunities to students to explore various career paths in eSports that is complimented by hands-on experience alongside the biggest names in Malaysian eSports," Garena Malaysia Product Manager, Justin Lye stated.

Malaysia Campus League paved way for the first-ever e-Sports scholarship in Malaysia back in 2016, and GSA is set to move on a similar path this year by organizing two major Collegiate e-Sports events, one is the MYCL, and the other will be the upcoming GSA Championship with scholarships and international exposure set to be the focal point.

Garena Student Alliance will definitely be a big help in putting Malaysia into the global e-Sports scene and gamers who are still studying in colleges and universities should not miss this opportunity to be part of GSA. For more information, you can visit the Garena Student Alliance official website or email them at

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