Garena launches Garena Student Alliance initiative, vows to build up local eSports community from grassroots level

By Kin Boon on Feb 13, 2017

The local eSports scene has been growing steadily over the years, with the emergence of local professional teams such as Fnatic (Dota 2) and Kuala Lumpur Hunters (League of Legends). One of the main factors that enable such growth is the amount of support that they received, be it from sponsors or even the passionate fanbase here. With that said, not all aspiring eSports players are subjected to it, especially when they are undertaking their tertiary studies. This spurred Garena in launching the Garena Student Alliance (GSA), an initiative to facilitate the growth of the local eSports community from the grassroots level.

GSA’s main objective is to encourage university-level students to form eSports clubs on campus, while educating them on proper club management including tournament administration, partnership proposals, and event marketing. Students will also have the opportunity to work with reputable gaming-related companies such as Garena, Logitech, and Armageddon. This will enlighten prospective students about the concept of eSports as a whole, which will create more job opportunities in the future even if you don’t play the games. Furthermore, GSA will be providing tangible support in the form of community events, exclusive GSA merchandise, Garena Roadshows to build a sustainable gaming community, and promote healthy competition among eSports athletes.

One of the first GSA projects is the Garena Bootcamp 2017, which was held last week. The whole-day-long seminar featured attendees from 21 local universities, including HELP University, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, SEGi College, and Monash University, just to name a few.

“This boot camp was held as an exposure for the students to understand how eSports is growing and the opportunity they will get in this industry,” said eSports associate, Chun Jan Bong. “They were not only learning about hosting eSports events, but networking with the campus eSports clubs from all over Malaysia in this boot camp. We also believe that it fosters mutual learning for both Garena and campus eSports clubs so that we can grow the campus gaming community together.”

This is only one of the many projects being planned by GSA as they seek to help more universities in establishing their own eSports club. Students who are interested in doing so under this project can email to this address: An inter-university tournament (Malaysia Campus League) is also planned for either April or May, so stay tuned for more updates about that.

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