Gaming's 10 Best Dogs

By Dale Bashir on Feb 16, 2018

Dogs and video games have both served mankind as man's best friend and it is no doubt that they go hand in hand within the medium. In honor of the year of the Dog, in dedication to the only time every 12 years to celebrate your favorite canines, here are the Top 10 Dogs in games:

10. Trico from The Last Guardian

While The Last Guardian was delayed a few times, the true star of the game was never on the forefront of each iteration of the game. Trico, a giant bird-dog hybrid that your character must direct across multiple levels, is a lovable and sometimes disobedient virtual pet. Throughout your adventure, you must earn Trico's trust, learn his quirks and fears, feed him and reward his good deeds, just like a real dog. In doing so, he will return the favor by attacking enemies for you and take you on rides as he soars through the air with his wings.

9. D-Dog from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

A source of cuteness in Venom Snake's otherwise painful and wartorn life, D-Dog is your best companion in your war against rogue Metal Gears. Like his owner, D-Dog wears an eyepatch over his right eye. From a little wild puppy to a tough Diamond Dog, D-Dog shows no fear, whether it is against the great outdoors or terrorists, he is up to the cause. He'll also ride shotgun with you when you drive a jeep. Neat!

8. Dogmeat from the Fallout series

There have been as many Dogmeats as there are Fallout games, this radioactive, post-apocalyptic mutt serves as your quadrupedal sidekick in all the main series games. Whether you're the Sole Survivor or Lone Wanderer, Dogmeat will help you with finding items, carrying your items and many more. And in the case of Fallout 4's Dogmeat, you can even dress him up with some bandanas or some armor. With this canine, one thing is certain, when the world goes to hell, nothing can beat a man and his dog in finding truth and justice in the world.

7. Chop from Grand Theft Auto V

One of the most normal dogs in this list, Chop, a large Rottweiler owned by Franklin in GTA V, is his faithful companion, even as he climbs the social ladder and move to the more luxurious Vinewood Hils. He is also notable as the first animal to be a playable character in a Grand Theft Auto game, helping out in a variety of missions throughout the game. Like the best dogs, Chop will ride shotgun in your rides across Los Santos. Just be sure to only throw balls when playing fetch with him, he really can't tell between tennis balls and live grenades.

6. Nintendog

Nintendog is not just great as a virtual pet, a Nintendog dog is great because he is YOUR dog. If you can't own a dog due to alergies or religious purposes, a Nintendog will not dissappoint and will try his darnest to be the best dog you've ever had. You can choose his breed, gender and colour, take him out for walks and play. It's always a fun time with this pooch. Though its fun to reminisce on our own Nintendogs, its best to not think about all the old DSes with Nintendogs still stuck inside, never to be played again. They even appear in Smash Bros to mess with your games, so cute.

5. Amaterasu from Okami

Technically a goddess, this cel-shaded hound is probably the most powerful dog on this list. Armed with her celestial brush, Amaterasu can wreak havoc with a few caligraphy strokes or rebuild the world as she sees fit. With Okami being recently ported to modern systems, no one has any excuse to miss out on Okami and the action-puzzle adventure within. She also makes a heck of a fighter in Marvel VS Capcom 3. Putting the beat-down on Iron Man, Captain America and Thor as a goddess dog has never felt so good.

4. Duck Hunt Dog

This snickering devil has been around for almost 40 years, that’s old especially in dog years. The Duck Hunt Dog can't seem to make up his mind on whether he's on your side or not. If you managed to get all the ducks, he'll bag the duck and gives you a big smile. But if you managed to miss even one, he'll come out of the bushes, laughing at your defeat. Naturally, this is when players point their lightguns to his face, hoping to shoot his teeth out. Nonetheless, Duck Hunt Dog made a comeback in recent years as he joined the cast of Smash Bros 4 as a surprisingly agile and long range fighter. And with that, he finally gets the smashing that's been coming to him.

3. Arcanine from Pokemon

The most majestic dog in the first generation of Pokemon, going from adorable pup Growlithe, to a massive lion-dog capable of breathing fire. If you didn't pick Charmander as your starter, fire type Pokemon were slim pickings in Red and Blue, that is unless you wait it out to catch a Growlithe on Route 7 and evolving him with a Fire Stone. As Arcanine, he's known as the Legendary Pokemon and there's a rumor in the Pokemon Community that Arcanine was meant to be a legendary Pokemon and was to stand toe-to-toe with Zapdos and Articuno, he was then replaced by Moltres as they realized that a Legendary Bird Trio was cooler than two birds and a dog. Nonetheless, he's still a legend to me.

2. Parappa the Rapper

He may be as flat as paper, but his rhymes flow majestically. This rapping pooch made his debut on the very first Playstation way back in 1996. The game's peculiar 2D art style and innovative rhythm game mechanics, made PaRappa Sony's top dog alongside a certain bandicoot. As the player, you must guide PaRappa on his quest to woo a certain sunflower girl, Sunny Funny, with the help of a couple of mentors and rap his way to her heart. Whether it is by learning kung-fu or getting his driving license, PaRappa gives it his all as he tries to impress the girl of his dreams. He knows that all he has to do to get her is that he "GOTTA BELIEVE". 

1. Rush from Megaman

The best dog in all of gaming has to be the most useful right? Rush from the classic Megaman series made his debut in Megaman 3 and has been by the Blue Bomber's side for decades now. This robot canine has got to be one of Dr. Light's best inventions and has shown time and time again how awesome he is. With his plethora of transformations, including his Rush Jet hoverboard mode, Rush Coil spring mode and Rush Marine mode, when you're in a tough spot, Rush is the one to call. He and Megaman went to the next level in Megaman 6 and 7, as Rush is able to fuse into Megaman as an Adaptor, allowing him to throw super powered punches or fly across huge gaps.


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