Gamescon EA Games Conference Report

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 22, 2017

Starting off our Gamescom 2017 coverage was the offerings from EA Games, whereby their livestream covered a variety of titles as well as features. Read more below to get a detailed look at what EA offered in Gamescom 2017.


FIFA 18 showcased their Gamescom trailer to highlight their new gameplay animations as well as lighting textures.

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Starfighter Assault

Star Wars Battlefront 2 once again steals the show with its latest feature, the Starfighter Assault which has all the glorious starfighters in beautiful HD textures. Players will be playing a massive 20 vs 20 within these maps and you can use starfighters that vary from the4 Millennium Falcon, to Darth Maul’s Scimitar. This game mode pits players against each other in a battle to destroy capital ships as part of their objectives.

Those of you who had previously played a version of this starfighter assault from its predecessor, you will find that this time around, players won't actually be able to enter those capital ships and destroy their reactor on foot, which takes away the dual dimensions we used to have as a player, especially if you picked the Jedi classes. While we won’t know for sure if that is the case, from the gameplay trailer, it seems that the ships themselves will be used to enter these large ships and destroy their reactor core from within ala Death Star style.


Need for Speed Payback

Need For Speed is no stranger to the EA franchise, and with Payback, we get the same excitement from its predecessors as we do now, except this time, their trailer starts off with a real life police chase with real explosions. The scene then transitions into the live conference to the cheers of the audience. This time, need For Speed Payback, sees a new storyline that involves, police pursuits, cartels and all new exotic cars. Players will not only need to escape from the cops, but they will be on the run against enemy cartel racers as well.


A new kid on the block, Fe is a new fantasy game that EA has brought forth and it has a very strong resemblance to a dark Pikmin game. From the trailer, it looks as if the character that you will be play8ing is a mix between a Cherub and an Eevee. In-game interaction alludes to players using different voice commands to control the creatures in this realm. Art is mostly cell shaded but has gargantuan elements as well to provide a colossal sense of space.

Sims 4: Cats and Dogs

The Sims has always been a homegrown favourite and Sims 4 didn’t start off too well. But as per its traditions with its expansions, this year they have revealed their Cats And Dogs expansion which allows Sims to own multiple pets as well as open up a few new content for their world. Sims can now open up the Vet career which takes care of other Sim’s pets in terms of healthcare as well as dress their pets up in cute miniature outfits. We believe that as far as a cash grab goes, Cats and Dogs will most likely be successful.

Battlefield 1 Revolution

Last but not least is the announcement of the Battlefield 1 Revolution bundle which is a full bundle that players can buy next year that includes the full game, with all the DLCs and add-ons. As part of the conference, we were treated to a live action preview of the upcoming expansion the invasion of the Tsars which takes place during the Russian Revolution. We get to see players play with new weapons such as a new Russian Tank, new LMGs and HMGs. The year is just getting better for Battlefield 1 players.

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