Games To Test Out Familial Rivalry During CNY

By Yue Lynn on Feb 20, 2018

Some of us may already be working (poor lil ole me) but the Chinese New Year atmosphere still lingers serenely around you; and not surprisingly, some of you may still be “on leave”. #amirite

Rest assured, festive feelings are more than welcomed around here and nothing is more festive than family gatherings! Along the usual itinerary of food+drinks consumption activities and jolly chatter, young ‘uns would exploit such meetings to show off who has better video gaming skills. As someone who’s proud to show off some PS2 skills back then, pride and dignity may be on the line but at the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying some innocent fun and friendly rivalry.


Hell hath no fury like a Mercy main scorned. Also, to prevent Civil War 3 from happening, topics of interest involving Hanzo, Mercy, lame-a$$-DPS-who-don’t-do-anything, Mei and SR points should be avoided at all costs.

Magic: The Gathering

Teaching your relatives how to play one of Earth’s most famous card games is an honour. The world could always use more Magic: The Gathering players.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

FighterZ is one of the newest and exciting games around that’s newbie+family-friendly. Not only that, this game is suitable for short gaming seshs; I mean, you can’t expect your cousin sister to complete an entire Resident Evil 7 chapter during her visit right? Unless, a speedrun sesh is involved…

Grand Theft Auto V

Rather than competing to see who can rob the most number of passersby, try to compete to see who’s the better and safer driver by driving a sports car on the beach for 15 minutes without hitting any of those skimpily-clad beach-goers. I can guarantee that the latter is a harder challenge.

Mortal Kombat XL

This game is totes applicable for anyone who wishes to compete in getting the most number of fancy or grossest Fatality scenes.

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