Gamers Hideout’s Spider-Man Launch Went Off The Hook Last Night

By Dale Bashir on Sep 7, 2018

Spider-Man made his glorious return to video games with release of Insomniac’s take on the friendly neighbourhood superhero. To commemorate the release of this PS4 exclusive title, Gamer’s Hideout held a midnight launch for fans who pre-ordered the game to pick up their game at the stroke of midnight and have fun while they’re at it.

Held at their One Utama branch, Gamer’s Hideout opened its doors for a few extra hours after closing time to let avid fans to pick up their game a little earlier than most. They’ve had other successful launches before, like with God Of War and Final Fantasy XV. The launch was also attended by an army of Spider-Man cosplayers, all dressed up in the webslinger’s various suits that you might just see in-game.

Fans who attended the launch also scored themselves some exclusive merchandises, like a Lego Spider-Man keychain for the first 100 customers. Gamers Hideout was also giving away a Camino mini Bluetooth speaker or a SONY WH-1000XM2 through a series of quests that attendees participated in at the launch. Check out some of the photos below:

Fans cosplaying as Spider-Man to celebrate the launch!

This guy waited from 4pm till the midnight launch, and it seems he broke his ankle performing Spider-Man stunts! But no worries, that just means more time to stay at home and play the game to kill some time while his ankle recovers.

Getting their hands on not only the game, but the limited edition Spider-Man PlayStation 4 console!


What the limited edition copy of the game contains!


We’ve given our impressions of Marvel’s Spider-Man before and fans who attended last night are in for a treat, especially those who picked up the collector’s edition or the special edition PS4 Pro. So if you’ve pre-ordered your game and have not picked up your copy, you should definitely pick it up before the long weekend starts. Marvel’s Spider-Man releases today on the 7th of September 2018.

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