Gamer's Hideout Has Yet Another PS4 Pro Deal That Will Seal Your Destiny

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 14, 2017

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Are you looking for an excuse to buy Destiny 2 but you don't have the console to power it, then take a look at the latest promotion from Gamers Hideout. In this latest promotion, future customers who intend to buy a unit of PlayStation 4 Pro can buy the unit at the special price of RM1,499 which is an RM300 discount from its original retail price. In addition to that, those who buy the PS4 Pro unit will also get one unit of DualShock 4 controller or a PS4 game of their choice. To sweeten the deal, for those who chose a different free game and still want to get Destiny 2, they will get an RM 50 discount on that purchase. Talk about a value deal.

For more information, check it out at their Facebook post here.

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