Fulfill Your Inner Otaku with These 10 Games

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 13, 2017

We don’t normally see many anime titles make it to the consoles or PC, but once in awhile we get gems that become iconic hits in gaming. So today, we are going to take some time to highlight some of the best anime adapted games across the various platforms.

Initial D Arcade Stage

Many of us with a keen interest in anime would have come across Initial D during their early exploration into anime. For the uninitiated, Initial D is a street racing anime based on the early days of drifting, usually showcased with high-speed cornering maneuvers and crazy drifting facts. Now bring all those craziness into the game, and you get the exact same level of adrenaline in the arcade systems. You will find that Initial D machines are the mainstay machines in your local arcades and for good reason.

Drifting done right
Drifting done right

It has also spawned multiple titles on consoles such as PS2, PS3 and the PSP which has garnered a globally acclaimed community. So load up your car with a trunk full of tofu, place your cup of water on your dashboard, and prepare for some midnight drifting with Initial D.

Berserk: Band Of The Hawk

In a dark realm full of monsters, sin, and violence, only one man can stand up against these atrocities, and he has the Guts to do it. Berserk: Band Of The Hawk is based on a dark manga/anime of the same name whereby the world has fallen into depravity and the main character fights against these atrocities through slaughtering all of these abominations. Featuring monsters with that looks like the spawn of H.Geiger and H.P Lovecraft, they are terrifying to look at while emanating a sense of awe.

Blood, gore, and massacre is all part and parcel of the game
Blood, gore, and massacre is all part and parcel of the game

The gory art and violence have been translated well into the game, which was developed by Omega Force, published by Koei Tecmo, which is famous for allowing players to slaughter endless waves of enemies. Complement that with uncensored gore and violence, you are definitely going to be in for a fantastic bloodbath.


Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

No introductions are needed when it comes to Naruto, unless you are one of the rare few who is hiding in a nuclear bunker since the Cold War era. Naruto is all about flashy moves and numerous characters which throughout its run, has become iconic to all. Ultimate Ninja Storm brings that hype into the consoles as you are able to unleash massive combos as well as terrain terraforming techniques.

Clashing head on is usually the best strategy in Naruto
Clashing head on is usually the best strategy in Naruto

Add that with the Japanese localization for authenticity and you have a full fledged game that will bring your inner otaku to realization. Additionally, if you feel like playing through memory lane, the Story mode lets players play through some of their favorite arcs throughout the anime, even the boring filler arcs. Talk about fulfilling quotas.


Technically, the anime and the game came out simultaneously, as it was part of the marketing process to sell their tabletop products. Nevertheless, Yu-Gi-Oh is another iconic childhood anime that has persevered until today via a variety of games on different platforms. The most recent being an Android app called Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.

Just like the anime, you get to see your card spirit form
Just like the anime, you get to see your card spirit form

This game allows players to take cards that were seen in the anime and played in the exact same fashion, which in retrospect was what kept the hype going as well as placate the desires of the fan base. Gameplay-wise, countless strategies can be employed and with over 1,000 cards being a part of the database, the possibilities are endless.

Dragon Ball Budokai

The granddaddy of modern anime and manga definitely deserves a spot on our list, and it does so by itself as many of the iconic animes and mangas we see today are inspired by Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball. One of the best games that came from this franchise is Dragonball Budokai which was a classic button masher for the PlayStation 2 console.

Each fight is usually filled with a fireworks display
Each fight is usually filled with a fireworks display

Taking the best part of the series and implementing it into game form, players can use their favorite characters the way they were meant to be played. Whether it's blasting opponents with cataclysmic attacks, or just blindingly fast combos, Dragon Ball Budokai has everything you can ask for in a Dragonball game.


Saint Seiya Soldier’s Soul

One of the golden titles from the old days was the grand Saint Seiya series which has spawned multiple arcs across the decades. It has also seen a few game titles being presented in different platforms but thus far, Saint Seiya Soldier’s Soul was one of the unique titles as it was the first Saint Seiya versus fighting game by Bandai Namco.

Saint Seiya’s draw is all about the fighting scenes and the illustrious tournaments they fight in, which is why Soldier’s Soul keeps true to the spirit of the anime by bringing out a fighting system worthy of its name.

Bleach: Heat the Soul

During the era of the Big 3, Bleach was one of the mainstays for manga and anime fans alike as it was an action filled adventure filled with overarching plots, insanely strong antagonists and of course the best part is being able to transform into the Bankai modes.

Revive old rivalries over and over again
Revive old rivalries over and over again

While the Bleach series has quite a few game titles under their name, Heat The Soul series has the best representation from the anime, whether it's the dialogue quotes to the in-game character dynamics, it truly keeps to the core of bleach which is the action and flamboyance.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

One of the greatest animes of all time definitely has to be the Ghost In The Shell series. Deep plots, complex stories and colorful characters, it is the series that redefined the cyberpunk genre as well as inspired the Matrix movies.

As for the game port, we find that Stand Alone Complex for the PlayStation 2 was the best representation of the game while delivering high-quality gaming experience for its fans, with features such as ghost hacking, high-quality graphics, as well as action packed gameplay. Fans who enjoy the series should try out this game if they want to dust off their old PlayStation 2 unit for a nostalgic run.


Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia is a unique title on this list as while it was first released as a video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it has spawned a rather well-made prequel which compliments the series well, and vice versa.

Tales of Vesperia is an RPG game which was one of the early games which use the Linear Motion battle system which enacts battles in a side scrolling fighter style action. The battle party allows for the player to control a single character while the rest is handled by the AI. Sporting one of the games which have a deep lore, fans of this series will enjoy pure Japanese quality animations and voice acting while playing one of the best JRPGs on the market during its heyday.


Fist of The North Star: Ken’s Rage

Often dubbed as the manliest anime/manga to roam the land, Fist of the North star exudes testosterone in every frame and chapter. From the post apocalyptic setting to its manly dialogues, fans have no shortage of things to like within this series.

For Ken’s Rage, it is dubbed by many within its fanbase as the best Fist game yet, which is a classic beat em up style game with features all the unique death cries, techniques and the signature exploding bodies are all included within the game, while also bringing on the massive battlefield action that is common within the series.


We have finally reached the end of our list, and we hope that you can now fulfill your inner otaku spirit with these games

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