FRAG Pro Shooter, A Game That Combines Overwatch And Mobile MOBAs

By Dale Bashir on Jul 18, 2018

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is a very popular game genre that typically features teams of 5 battling each other online. Mobile MOBAs are really big now, you can’t walk into a mamak without seeing a bunch of people playing Mobile Legends together, and even Arena of Valor is having their World Cup right now. Now, Overwatch is, technically, not a MOBA but it is also doing well. They just released a hamster hero of all things and is not getting any less popular anytime soon. So what if a game fuses these two gaming aspects?

Here comes FRAG Pro Shooter, a game that does exactly that. Built with mobile specifically in mind, it takes Overwatch’s hero-shooter gameplay, mixed in with the usual 3-lane gameplay of MOBAS. Players fight 5v5 in 3-minute matches, defending their lanes and pushing their enemies’ lanes. Players win by scoring the most points by clearing objectives and fragging enemies. Like Overwatch, they can respawn as any hero if defeated.

As is the standard of the genre, the game features a wide cast of characters, all in a bright and charming artstyle. Characters are divided into Attack, Camp, Defence, Center, and Wild, with Attack tasked to go after enemy lanes, Camps defending the team’s lanes, Defence defending those pushing, Center keeps the middle of the arena secured, and Wild kinda supports everyone else since there’s no jungling in the game.

There are 40 characters in the game and they are an eclectic mix of MOBA tropes and some original designs. At first glance, it’s easy to spot the Reinhart, Symmetra, and Reaper knock-offs, there are some unique inclusions like the hero wearing a hazmat suit or the witch doctor-looking character. While all is well in the main game, out of matches the game falls in the same trappings of other mobile titles. With loot boxes that are mandatory to unlocking most of the characters.

Developed by Oh BiBi, a company that usually makes racing titles, this is their first foray into shooters and MOBAs. So if this sounds like a good game to you, give FRAG Pro Shooter a try. You can register to be a beta tester on the website, or download it for yourself on the Play Store.


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