Fractured Space Phase 3: Big Update!

By Sacharrine on Mar 3, 2017

Image credits to Edge Case Games
Image credits to Edge Case Games

Right, so during the previous event not too long ago, Edge Case Games teased us with what would become the Phase 3 update which promised us harder, faster gameplay in the Conquest mode. They dub it Conquest 2.0 and so far, it looks very promising.

The precious few people who have been playing this game long enough are aware that Fractured Space is a sort of MOBA style game but rather than feature heroes, champions or whatever, they use big honking spaceships that can lob cannon rounds, missiles and giant death star like lasers at one another.

To quickly bring you guys up to speed, the original Conquest mode is the mode that is most similar to other MOBA games like Dota 2. Conquest replaces the lanes with Sectors Alpha and Beta, where your team must capture asteroid mines to improve their level up rate. The more mines your team has, the faster you can level up and gain advantages over the enemy. There are currently no mobs or mooks for you to harvest, which means the action is focused on killing other players, which is rather nice for a change. There are no watch towers that deal ridiculous amounts of damage to your ships though beware that the enemy’s donut shaped home base does have a series of gun turrets that can do appreciable amounts of damage to you. The towers are instead replaced by a forward base that must be captured to grant you access to the enemy base. The level up system allows you to level up to 9 times throughout the game with the ability to upgrade specific areas like Offence, Defence and or Utility every 3 levels. The middle lane or Gamma sector will activate every few minutes and the team that captures the Gamma station gets a Roshan style buff that lasts for a minute or so, which greatly enhances your team’s general capabilities and by the 3rd Gamma capture, allowing you to go straight into the enemy base without having to capture their forward base.

Now, that you’re all caught up, let’s go over the changes Edge Case plans to bring to the table. I’ll quickly go over the more interesting points. Here are links the full change list that includes where how far they’ve moved the mine locations, home bases and forward bases and also some of the other balancing tweaks for the ships.


Mining Vessels

Mining spot? Image credits to Edge Case Games
Mining spot? Image credits to Edge Case Games

So, we finally understand better how the asteroid mines work. If you notice from the picture I took, there appear to be these ‘slot’ which I assume are mining areas built into the asteroids. So, I can probably assume that these will be one of the areas where the mining vessels can appear from, apart from the main station itself. No news on what they look like, but I’ll update with screenshots after I’ve seen them.

The mining vessels are meant to add a new level of depth to the Conquest game mode and they certainly do. If you can think back to any RTS game like the older Command & Conquer titles or Starcraft, you would recall that starving your opponent of resources is a very valid strategy, especially if you kill all their resources collectors. The same applies here. The mining vessels do not make the level up rate any faster but killing them will actually affect the enemies’ ability to level up and allow you to steal some of the minerals for you to level up your team quicker. This means that it is now important to be able to both protect your team’s miners while at the same time attacking and killing the enemy’s miners.


HUD improvements

Armor Indicator

Image credits to Edge Case Games
Image credits to Edge Case Games

One of the things that bugged me as I played Fractured Space was that I often wouldn’t have any idea how soon the armor on my ship would fail. Imagine having one of the toughest ships in the game and very quickly getting killed because you weren’t able to keep track of your armor. You’d only notice the armor has gone when you receive an audio warning from your ship crew or notice that your ship is somehow on fire…. In space.

Edge Case Games have added an indicator in this update which allows you to see which parts of your ship have been damaged the most and which parts are self-repairing. Pretty good stuff.

Gamma Indicator

Image credits to Edge Case Games
Image credits to Edge Case Games

One of the worst things in the game is to be teamed with noobs who’ve no idea the importance of capturing Gamma. Or perhaps you yourself, might be stuck in a fight with no idea how the battle over in Gamma is going. In all honesty, it probably isn’t that hard to figure out who’s at Gamma, or on the way to Gamma but this indicator makes it much easier and gives you a better idea of what’s going on over there without needing to press Shift or Tab to open up the Jump menu.

Directional Hit Indicator

So, you guys know when your screen turns red and or when a red arrow pops up when you are getting shot in other games like Counterstrike or Overwatch? Fractured Space has finally added that. This should give you a better idea where that massive Gladiator battleship is pelting you from.


Base Commander

Hello Flynn. Image credits to Edge Case Games
Hello Flynn. Image credits to Edge Case Games

Hello Flynn. He’s the new base commander for newer players. I’ve no idea how he’s going to work but it seems to be like one of those tool tip things when you get killed by someone or something. He’s available to all new players who have not yet gone beyond level 6.


All ships are available in Solo Play!

Hell yeah. Finally, you can actually test how some ships work in an AI match. Well, sort of. This is really useful as you can use this mode to figure out how to use a ship before you actually go ahead and buy it in the shop.

Edge Case has stated that there is no limit to the number of times you can use a ship or the ship skins and that Ultimate skins that can give a credit bonus do not work in a solo match. Also, Solo play will not give credits to players who have levelled up beyond level 15. So, no grinding here.


Improved AI

Image credits to Edge Case Games
Image credits to Edge Case Games

Players who’ve been playing the Versus AI modes will probably be able to tell you that even if the AI ships aren’t all that clever, they’re at least very difficult to hit and very accurate. So, this changes now supposedly. Edge Case has mentioned that the AIs now have an upgraded intelligence which means that they will now make more use of their ships’ abilities in game. I have no idea if this means they’ll finally start using other ships like the snipers or cloak ships like the Ghost. Now, that is a scary thought.


Upgraded Daily Rewards (and Leviathan skin)

New Leviathan skin? Classy. Image credits to Edge Case Games
New Leviathan skin? Classy. Image credits to Edge Case Games

Fractured Space is quite relaxed with how frequently you log into the game unlike other Free-to-Plays that force you to login each day of every week to get progressively better loot. Previously, what they did was each day you log in, you get something nice, be it extra credits, platinum (one of 2 premium currencies), DNA (the other premium currency), credit boosters and maybe a crew implant or a skin (very rare drop indeed).

According to their changelog, there will now be 30 different rewards of increasing value for each day you log in. You’re not needed to login every day because the game will remember when your last log in was and update accordingly. Meaning if you log in on Monday and get prize 1, logging in on Wednesday will get you prize 2, rather than reset completely. If you happen to login for 30 days or a whole month, you will gain a very special Ultimate skin. Like all Ultimate skins, they give you an additional 20% credit boost for each match whether you win or lose. The skin in question is called Levi426, and if anything it'll be meant for the Leviathan. Classy.


Levelling up your crew & Direct implant purchase

Image credits to Edge Case Games
Image credits to Edge Case Games

Last time, the only way you could further customize your ship to your liking was to get new crew members and the assortment of implants. Now, you will be able to train up your crew by using them in battle, the same way you gain experience points and level up. So, now you’re sort of a pokemon / spaceship crew trainer. The nice bit is this though: level up your crew member enough and they can become legendary levelled. Crew members can level up to 3 times, with legendary being the final level. Each time, you can swap out an implant slot for wild card implant slot, meaning that this slot can take in any sort of implant. Additionally, any duplicate crew members you happen to get from loot drops is automatically converted into useable DNA. Speaking of which.

DNA up till this point was a weird premium currency in Fractured Space. You could only use it to buy new crew members with each crew member costing 18,000 DNA. This new update allows players to buy specific implants each week. 3 implants will be purchasable each week based on a combination of implants the community is in demand for and which are currently being the most in use. Not quite an easy way to get your desired implant but better than waiting for loot drops, much better.


No more drafting disconnects!

Ok… this one is very important actually. Up till now, if you joined a game and someone for some reason disconnects, the entire game is dropped and you will have to go looking for a new one. This really, really made the game terrible for people who just want to get in and have a good time very quickly, adding to the fact that some games require you to wait up to 5 minutes at a time, depending on where you are and what time it is.

The interesting bit here is that the missing player will be replaced by an AI, which sort of says a lot about how confident Edge Case are in their AI ships. The AI will use the ship that the player had previously selected or if the player had not selected anything, it’ll revert to the bog standard Pioneer ship, which is arguably a lot more dangerous than people give it credit for. The kicker is that the player who disconnected from the game either through technical fault or of their own spite will not be able to connect to a new game until the current game he left has been completed.


That about wraps up the entirety of the important bits of the update. Again, use this link to have a look at the full change list which includes balances to all the ships. This link will show you what Edge Case has done with the placement of the home bases and mines. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a daily login to claim. Good hunting out there!

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