Fortnite's Battle Royale Takes the Battlegrounds Formula to New Heights

By Dale Bashir on Oct 2, 2017

Fortnite has been called a mix of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead with the aesthetics of a Saturday morning cartoon and now it has integrated another game type into its DNA. Fortnite by Epic Games recently released their own take on a Battlegrounds-like game mode that is free for everyone on PCs, PS4 and Xbox One, it is a free mode that doesn't require the original game to own it. It has since been a hit and raised public interest in the otherwise okay base game and a good alternative to Player Unknown's multiplayer skirmish.

Now while Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is a giant, 100 player map with a sprawling environment and a plethora of vehicles and weapons to be used, Fortnite's Batlle Royale mode is not all that different. Both games, in fact, use the same game engine, the Unreal engine. While Player Unknown makes up for its horizontal gameplay, Fortnite instead focuses on the vertical gameplay which adds a whole different challenge compared to PUBG.

That's not saying that PUBG doesn't have buildings or hills of multiple heights, but with the inclusion of vehicles, it is certain that PUBG is more concerned with players covering more ground and getting away from the impending shrinking of the map until the top players reach a small parameter of the map and duke it out until someone reaches winner winner chicken dinner.

What makes Fortnite standout is definitely the building system. While in PUBG you and your pals can infiltrate a house or a building and hold it out against other players until the game forces you to mobilize, Fortnite allows for players to build their own base with their friends with the resources available to them. Now players aren't able to build crazy sculptures like in Minecraft, but they are able to make giant forts and towers with relative ease.

The building is intuitive and allows for players to start building without even saying anything, just point in a direction, build a slope and your teammates will continue making a tower with you in no time. What's more is that the building process is so quick and only requires the necessary materials that you have to build it, either wood, brick or metal, and a good Fortnite player should spend the first few minutes of the game racking up these resources that are strewn across the map.

This added verticality and freedom to build wherever you want adds a tactical edge to PUBG's standard gameplay, which acts as more of a hunt between players while tactical warfare is indeed the focus in Fortnite. With a massive tower, you can easily scout your surroundings for enemies coming your way, though other players can destroy your constructs pretty easily, building a fortified stronghold can give you enough time to advance to the enemy with ease and eliminate them before they get you. And even if the map is shrinking on you, it is no hassle to pack up your things and move to the center of the map and start building another fort all over again. Chances are there are abandoned ones that you can claim as your own right in the center.

For players who are going at it alone, the building mechanic can also help you out quite a bit. While sneaking around enemies, you can build a wall to hide behind or act as a cover, you can also build ramps to get over walls and other things that might get in your way. With a flick of the wrist, a crafty player can dodge his way out of danger by building themselves a quick house around them. 

Overall, the comparisons to PUBG is inevitable when it comes to Fortnite's Battle Royale. Though when it comes down to it, I'd say Fortnite is a little more fun. PUBG has become a behemoth on its own and has since become a more serious, competitive affair like DOTA 2. Maybe its the cartoony aesthetics or maybe because it's still new, but I just feel like I'm having a lot of fun playing Battle Royale, with the building and the vibrant colors of the game. And while developers of PUBG, Bluehole has since claimed the game is a carbon copy of theirs, I believe it is different enough to stand out on its own. With the addition of cross-platform play between PS4 to PC and XBox One to PC and the fact that it is free across all three, makes it the clear winner for those seeking to try out this multiplayer extraordinaire.  

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