Check Out Fortnite's Season 5 Patch Notes And Other Updates

By Dale Bashir on Jul 12, 2018

The highly anticipated update to Fortnite is finally here! After a massive rocket launch to mark the end of Season 4, Season 5 officially kicks off today. All the weird things happening in the game will finally pay off, and fans will get to enjoy brand new content the next time they log in.

Journey To The West

The rifts that opened up across the game map at the end of season 4 had fans speculating on time-travelling elements being put in the game. Fortnite fans were definitely right in thinking that, as the game is adding a lot of western, cowboy-inspired items and cosmetics in the game. From flintlock pistols, blunderbusses, and hammers.

 The Art of Go-kart

Another brand new element is the ATK, All Terrain Kart, a golf cart that’s been modified to take entire Fortnite squads on a wild ride. With 4 players able to get onto the kart at once, the way the ATV controls is definitely influenced by Mario Kart’s design. Like being able to get a speed boost after drifting, or rear passengers leaning back can help the kart leap over obstacles like in Double Dash. The roof of the ATV is also a bounce pad, just like the cars in Sunset Overdrive.

Wild Wild Ride

There seems to be a whole new mode called Rifts, where the aforementioned rifts can teleport players elsewhere. The official site only claims that it will take you for a “wild ride”, so it remains to be seen on what it will do. Also noteworthy is the expansion of the map, adding a new Desert biome and two new locations named Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.


Besides the more obvious cosmetic and gameplay changes, other quality of life updates include better optimisation of system files for faster loading, adding “Autofire” for the mobile versions, and even motion/gyro support for Nintendo Switch players. Those used to the shooting in Splatoon 2 will definitely get an edge in the game from now on.

For now, some server downtime will occur as Epic Games adds these patches and a huge update is expected to come as well, so players will have to wait awhile before jumping right into the new stuff. Check out what else is new in the official site’s patch notes.


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