Fortnite On Android Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

By Dale Bashir on Jul 12, 2018

In the grand battle between the battle royales, Android users got the shorter end of the stick as Fortnite wasn’t immediately released to the platform. For a while, Android users stuck to PUBG Mobile, and to a lesser extent, Rules of Survival. Now, after months of Fortnite being on IOS, Android users will finally get their due.

In a recent tweet, Tencent Games, announced the release date of Fortnite on Android to be the 24th of July. That means two weeks from now Android gamers can get in on all the hype surrounding Fortnite. Whether it’ll be a beta release or an actual, stable, full release of the game remains to be seen. But at the very least, we are finally getting Fortnite on Android smartphones.

Fortnite has been on a roll with their content lately with Thanos being a limited time playable character in the game, a new Playground mode that allows players to build to their heart's content, and they just ended their fourth season with a bang. Now, season five is starting up and Epic Games seems to be teasing some time-travelling shenanigans to the game. Hopefully, the Android version will catch up with all the new season festivities.

Tencent Games, a game publishing company from China, has also been on a roll with their mobile titles. In recent weeks, they’ve established the first-ever Arena of Valor World Cup. They’ve also made a separate Beta version of PUBG that allows players to beta test upcoming features, which shows they have gotten pretty busy. It’s also worth noting that they publish both PUBG and Fortnite, the biggest rivalry in gaming in the past year or so. So it’ll be interesting to see how they handle both IPs.


Mark your calendars for July 24th Fortnite fans, the biggest game in the world right now is coming to Android. No more looking at Apple users as they build their way to victory, now you too can join in on all the fun.


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