Forget cats - Ghost Recon Wildlands' Brazilian trailer has skydiving and slight MGS 5 vibes

By Melvyn Tan on Jan 9, 2017

While the main Ubisoft YouTube channel offered us a live action trailer involving cats and lasers last week, the Ubisoft Brasil YouTube channel had something else for viewers. Released a day before The Red Dot, Operação Skydive brings us about one minute of Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay that shows us how elite the Ghosts are and how effortlessly they get the job done (very effortlessly). And better yet, it also reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 5 in some ways... good ways.

It's an extraction mission that looks like it's being played in co-op, and the target is naturally within an enemy-controlled outpost. The Ghosts start out stealthily at first, with two of their members taking down lone guards with silenced weapons and precision. Then a helicopter carrying the remaining two flies in, and while one member leaps off and parachutes onto a building before smashing his way in and surprising the extraction target, the other proceeds to rain bullets from the side of the helicopter with a minigun.

Oh yeah baby. Gif source: GIPHY
Oh yeah baby. Gif source: GIPHY

And yes, the minigun is what reminds me of MGS 5 the most.

The helicopter provides a nice distraction for the Ghost doing the extraction, who sneakily (a.k.a gunning enemies with a silenced pistol) makes his way to the rendevous point. Even when the Cartel forces catch up, the helicopter is able to withstand their small-arms fire and the Ghosts manage to fly out of there safely with their target.

There aren't any fulton balloons and you can parachute, but at its essence this is basically what I'd imagined MGS 5 to be if it had co-op. One player doing sneaky stuff in an enemy outpost/base while another creates a distraction, or two players assassinating guards like a boss. I guess that's what Far Cry 4 allows as well, but Wildlands naturally resembles MGS 5 more (after all, it's in third person and it lets you fire out of a helicopter with a minigun). And with four-player co-op and a host of vehicles and gadgets to use, I can only imagine how fun it'd be to approach missions tactically with friends like in the trailer. Or, do the natural co-op thing and create wonderful chaos by screwing up. 

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