Food Fantasy Has A Popular Malaysian Dish In The Game! Can You guess?

By Michelle J. Brohier on Aug 3, 2018

We Malaysians love food so much that we're willing to fight and defend our delicacies no matter what. But what if we could summon our favourite food to fight and defend for us instead?

Well, you can do so with the recently released mobile game called Food Fantasy! Developed by Elex, the world in Food Fantasy has you set off on a journey where you collect Food Souls (human representations of food) to help you do almost everything in this activity mixed game; gathering ingredients and materials, cooking dishes, serving patrons of your restaurant, fighting fallen angels and more! The game has a mix of RPG as well as restaurant simulator, appealing to those who not only enjoy food but also leveling up and fighting.

The game currently has close to 100 food souls that you can collect, and each of them represent a popular food dish. So you can have Tempura, Chocolate and Steak, looking incredibly ikemen (handsome) as they help you, beautiful ladies like Tiramisu, Black Tea and Ume Ochazuke doing their best to assist you, and even cute shotas and lolis such as Pudding, Gyoza and Jiuniang appealing to you with their cute demeanour.

That's all fine and good, but us Malaysians have only one particular dish that we hold very close to our hearts and that's...

Nasi lemak! And it looks like this game has accepted its popularity by making a food soul based on it! This food soul in the Food Fantasy game is a cute lovestruck little girl who loves hugs and will attack anyone who gives trouble to the person she likes.

"As long as she likes you, this young lady will do anything for you. She often wears a bashful expression, and most days she likes to sunbathe on the beach. When those she likes encounter obstacles from the outside world, she is unable to control her emotions and will eliminate the obstacle until there is almost nothing left of it. If you want to stop her in her tracks, a hug from someone she likes will be unexpectedly effective." - Food Fantasy Wiki

Nasi Lemak's attack includes a Coconut Bomb taken from her hometown (Malaysian coconut attack!) and her fan is made of iron which makes her invincible for two seconds (okay can).

So far Nasi Lemak is the only food soul that originates from Malaysia. All the other food soul's sources like Eggette and Moon Cake which we Malaysians enjoy are from other countries. But could there be another Malaysian meal this game could dish out? Let's hope so!

Which popular Malaysian dish do you think should appear in Food Fantasy as a food soul? Also, do you think Nasi Lemak's personality suits what you think nasi lemak really is? Share with us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

Food Fantasy is currently available on Android and iOS for free (with in-game purchases available).

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