First Official Championship and Big Things Coming for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

By Dale Bashir on Oct 11, 2017

For what was at first a movie tie-in, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is surprisingly holding on as a mobile fighting game, with over 10 million downloads across IOS and Android platforms and dozens of Power Ranger heroes and villains available for players to use and battle one another.

The developers, nWay, announced that the game will be featured in Amazon's Mobile Masters happening this weekend on October 14th to 15th, with a prize pool of USD 10,000. The qualifiers have come and gone and this weekend we will see who will come out on top in the first official championship for the game and see how Legacy Wars stacks up as a more competitive mobile game on the mobile eSports scene, along with other mobile giants like Mobile Legends and World Of Tanks. 

“Like the Power Rangers franchise, esports has been built through a strong community and over the years, that community has morphed into one of the biggest and most engaged. In bringing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars to Amazon’s Mobile Masters with nWay and Lionsgate, we’re merging two incredible fans bases while we continue to expand the Power Rangers’ interactive footprint,” said Janet Hsu, CEO of Saban Brands, the owners of the Power Rangers franchise.

Along with the first major competitive debut of the game, another big update is coming sometime this month for the game. As iconic as the Power Rangers are, their giant robots, the Megazords, are just as important and a Megazord-centric is being introduced with Megazord Battles. Announced during last week's New York Comic-Con, players will be able to fight with Megazords and giant monsters from across Power Ranger's 24-year history. Expect the update soon and hopefully, it'll play out like the SNES Power Rangers fighting game.

Since its release in March of this year, coinciding with Lionsgate's new movie on the franchise, the game has had constant updates and the developers has been adding new Rangers and villains throughout the franchise's history. The last new Ranger they added was the Gold Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo, famously the second Ranger form of original Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott.

All in all, a surprising amount of development is happening for this game, hopefully, they'll be adding more playable characters from lesser known seasons of the show like Lightspeed Rescue or Jungle Fury. Catch the Mobile Masters Power Rangers Legacy Wars Championships on their official Twitch channel.


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