Fire Dragoon Releases Their Overwatch Roster

By Yue Lynn on Jan 26, 2018

The Malaysian Overwatch esports scene loses a capture point when renown local esports organisation, Fire Dragoon announced yesterday, that they will be releasing their Overwatch roster.

If you follow the local Overwatch scene, you may be familiar with Fire Dragoon’s Overwatch team (formed on March 2017), consisting of Darkaz, Ckay, Vertexity, soR, LAT and fLameShot as they were regulars in local Overwatch tournaments. Sadly, this team has reach the end of their journey.

In their official statement regarding the roster release, Fire Dragoon pointed out that their decision was made due to the current situation of Malaysia’s Overwatch scene. 

“We felt that the local, and Southeast Asia scene is not ready for our involvement. In fact, at some point, our engagement might have been an impediment to the growth, or the creation of other competitive teams. Another factor we have considered is the booming of the mobile gaming scene which has seen increased traction and popularity. We believe that games like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor are poised to grow as a powerhouse esports title in the region, and by freeing up the funds that was previously invested on the Overwatch division, Fire Dragoon would be able to kickstart a Mobile Gaming division within the organization, and subsequently help grow mobile esports.”

While it’s considerably true that mobile gaming tourneys (read: Arena of Valor) are spouting up more often than lootboxes with legendary skins these days, however, saying that the “Southeast Asia scene is not ready for our involvement. In fact, at some point, our engagement might have been an impediment to the growth, or the creation of other competitive teams” might be a bit too… presumptuous? Though, in all fairness, things in the local Overwatch esports scene aren’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. But hey, we are only now in January, who knows what will happen in the next 11 months? As an Overwatch fan myself, I’m optimistically hopeful of the things to come.

Before y’all start lamenting and brooding on whether Fire Dragoon will be making an explosive comeback into the Overwatch scene like what happened with their fresh tourney-winning LoL team, they’ve got your back:

“We wish all our players the best of luck for the future and hope that we will be able to work together again. Rest assured this is not a permanent decision, and it will not be the last time Fire Dragoon will be involved in Overwatch esports - we will be keeping watch on the scene and keep track of its growth so that someday we may find the opportunity to return.

We would also like to thank all our fans for your continuous support all these times, as we would not have been able to get this far without you.”

Cheers love, looks like this story is to be continued…

All images are courtesy of Fire Dragoon.

To read the full official statement, click here.

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