Fire Dragoon Parts Ways With More Players

By Yue Lynn on Mar 23, 2018

Image Credit: Fire Dragoon
Image Credit: Fire Dragoon

Once again, our own Malaysian esports team, Fire Dragoon is releasing more players from their rosters. Two days ago, Fire Dragoon had announced that they were parting ways with their Dota 2 roster along with one of their FIFA players. The news came after the release of their Overwatch team back in January. The Dota 2 roster release announcement was posted on Fire Dragoon Dota 2 Facebook page:

Before this announcement was made, Thailand-based esports organisation, Clutch Gamers, had revealed they had acquired AhJit. He would be replacing Black^ who left the team due to misunderstandings and miscommunication issues with other players. Additionally, it’s no surprise that AhJit manage to find a new team so soon due to his past experiences playing for Fnatic and Fire Dragoon.

True enough, Fire Dragoon posted about the roster release not long after Clutch Gamers’ announcement was made. It’s sad to see that we have less one local team in the Dota 2 scene. On top of that, Fire Dragoon had also mutually agreed to part ways with one of their FIFA players, Amirul “AmTuah” Afandi, who’s a prominent player in the local FIFA competitive scene with multiple titles under his belt. The following is AmTuah’s statement regarding the separation:

These releases came after Fire Dragoon’s up-and-coming League of Legends team was placed first runner-up in the recently concluded League of Legends Championship Malaysia Spring 2018, where they were beaten 3-1 by Kuala Lumpur Hunters. In light of these events, TiltReport spoke to Fire Dragoon’s General Manager Jeffery "Vyprex" Chan and what he revealed was pretty telling. As reported by TiltReport, Vyprex revealed that “despite FDG's continuous effort in committing for a strong Dota 2 team, the overall results have not been completely up to expectations. In fact, he claims that the organisation's management team had even come to the conclusion that they could have been "doing things wrongly" this whole time, and that they do not want to continue holding the players back.” Troubling words indeed. You can read the more about what Vyprex had said here.

Additionally, one of the former Dota 2 players from Fire Dragoon has this to say:

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