Find Out Who Went Home With RM8,000 During SEA GAME JAM 2017

By Nicolas See Tho on Nov 10, 2017

Earlier this week, budding developers and local indie developers met up at the inaugural SEA GAME JAM 2017 which was held at Level UP KL in a 2 day event which saw over 100 talented participants duke it out over a 36 hour development period to create successful gaming prototypes based on two local IPs, Ejen Ali and Mak Cun.

The main objective of this event was to develop their best gaming prototypes which could then be used to develop top of the line games for the mobile gaming industry. 

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, the Vice President of the Creative Content & Technologies Division of MDEC said “For the past two years, SEA GAME Jam has become a significant event in the local gaming industry. The participants have showcased what they are capable of when given the right platform. Seeing how successful mobile gaming is in the market, many investors are now starting to look into this growing industry.”

SEA GAME JAM is a platform used to nurture and develop young talents as they further equip themselves with the required knowledge through sharing and exchange of ideas between participants who are not only from the local gaming industry but also from participants throughout the SEA region. 

“Through SEA Game Jam, we managed to gather a lot of individuals with the great potential to become not just Malaysia’s leading mobile game developers but also within the region. We hope this event would become a good stepping stone for these aspiring youngsters to further equip themselves with knowledge about the mobile game industry. Media Prima Labs hope to inspire more talents to be involved in game development and bring out the best of South East Asia,” adds Nicholas Sagau, Group General Manager, Operation & Media Prima Labs.

Winners of the SEA Game Jam was announced at the Level Up KL yesterday on 8 November 2017. Third prize winner was Team 18 (Everaldo Sembiring, Mohamed Affian bin Che Mohamed Onn, Nabilah Raihan Zakaria, Arif Budiman) where they won themselves RM3,000 worth of cash, second prize winner was Team 5 (Nikko Soetjoadi, Hafiz Azman, Ng Chen Hon, Khairool Bakhtiar bin Baihaqi, Razanil Farda) with RM5,000 while the Grand prize winner was Team 16 (Lai Ze Ren, Teo Jia Luen, Rizal Saputra, Kevin Yeoh Lai Chuan) with RM8,000.

SEA Game Jam was among the interesting events happening in conjunction with Level Up KL, organized by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and supported by Media Prima Digital. Level UP KL is one of South East Asia’s premier industry events for game developers which gathers local, regional and international industry key players.



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