Final Fantasy XV's Prince Doing What He Does Best In Dissidia NT

By Dale Bashir on Nov 27, 2017

While Dissidia NT is just making its way to consoles around the world, Square Enix's third fighting game based on their landmark RPG franchise has been making a splash in their place of origin, Japan. Arcades everywhere has the game and has been around since 2015. To commemorate the second anniversary of the game, the official Square Enix YouTube channel held a stream showing off some new features and especially showing of Noctis Lucis Caelum in action.

Noctis comes with all the bells and whistles fans have come to expect in his moveset. Like his predecessors, Noctis expertly uses a plethora of weapons ranging from greatswords to spears and shurikens, similar to how weapons experts, Firion and Vaan from Final Fantasy II and XII, switches up their fighting styles on the fly with a press of the Square button. He is an Assassin-type character and his Unique System is called Shift Attacker, which refers to his fighting style of teleporting around the stage.

What makes Noctis different is his ability to teleport quickly towards his opponents with Warpstrike and his Armiger system that allows him to summon all of his floating weapons at once. The video above pits him against the first Final Fantasy villain, Garland, and giving him a good pummeling with his mix of close-range and long-range weapons. With his Warpstrike, he can warp in all directions to cover ground or get closer to his opponents, perfect for getting to a Summoning Crystal in time.

This isn't the only fighting game Noctis is coming to, his upcoming appearance in Tekken 7 as DLC has been making a huge splash in the fighting game and Final Fantasy communities. He and the rest of the Final Fantasy heroes and villains will arrive on consoles when Dissidia NT comes to PS4 on the 11th of January 2018.

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