Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Joins The World Of Tekken 7

By Yue Lynn on Mar 16, 2018

Final Fantasy XV’s leading man, Noctis will be fighting his way through the battlegrounds of Tekken 7! In Bandai Namco’s announcement trailer, Noctis will be included in the fighting game’s upcoming DLC which will be available from March 20 onwards.

Besides showcasing Noctis’ costumes from his original game, the trailer revealed that a new stage called Hammerhead will be added into the aforementioned DLC too. Hammerhead is a gas station-cum-repair shop where fan-favourite character, Cindy Aurum, works at, so this stage is a nice nod to FFXV.

If you plan to get Noctis, which of his outfits are you planning to equip? More importantly, any FFXV and Tekken 7 fans excited about this?

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