Final Fantasy XV Launch Event Is Happening In Malaysia

By Justin Chee on Nov 25, 2016

[Updated 25 November 2016]

Hey guys, we're just days away from the release of Final Fantasy XV and we've just received an official invite to the launch event! We got to know from the organisers that this is actually an event where all Final Fantasy fans can join in to celebrate the release of the game at midnight (12AM) of 29th November 2016. This means the event will be held hours before the midnight release on the 28th of November at 8PM onwards. Here are the key details of the event if you're confused.

Date: 28th November 2016
Time: 8PM to beyond midnight
Venue: GSC Maxx, Berjaya Times Square
Official Facebook Event

How To Participate

Just to be clear, this event is a Midnight Collection event that is organised in order for Malaysian Final Fantasy XV pre-order customers to collect their copies and become the first gamers in the nation to own the game! It's a bit gimmicky I know but if you miss this, it may as well be another decade until you can experience the next Final Fantasy launch anywhere in the world! 

Make sure you pre-order from PlayStation Authorized Dealers here before the event. Or refer to the list below:

And make sure you receive this Redemption Pass from the dealer you pre-order with.


Key Activities and GOODIES

And here's a couple of highlights throughout the night of 28th November at GSC Maxx Berjaya Times Square - to commemorate the whole Final Fantasy hype that the world and Malaysian fans are waiting for:


Fantastic! So if you come with a redemption pass, not only will you be receiving your game copies early but you can indulge in some fine Gysahl Greens and Megalixirs (I hope). However, how far as to the actual foodstuff will be named with FF terminologies is beyond my control, although it would be fun to consume Phoenix Downs (as if anyone could ingest-down feathers) or literally go high on hi-potions. What am I getting at???


There will be a couple of guest cosplayers. Aren't they all cool and lovely? That's up to you to decide but hey, take a photo with them and live like you're in Ivalice or Spira or whatever FF universe there is because you finally can! 

Wan Hazmer is in the house!

The one and only Malaysian game designer for Final Fantasy XV Wan Hazmer will be joining everyone to transmit his gospel of game development truths in hopes to inspire fans of Final Fantasy to follow their dreams of becoming warriors, black mages, white mages, dragoons, dark knights, thieves, and wholesome individuals in today's realities. Get Hazmer's autograph, it's actually a mystical rune.

Jeremy Teo says Booya!

Jeremy Teo is a perennial geek and a professional presenter, aaand a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy. What's he going to do on the 28th? I would think that summoning is his forte as evident by the motions and words he would normally use to get his eidolons, I mean people on and off stage. 


I am done writing because a well-organised photoset of products paint a universally gargantuan heck load of words. Give me the Luna Edition pretty please?


And there you have it! Updates will be released as we receive new information. Till then, see you on Monday! 


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