Final Fantasy XV finally adds the "Magitek Exosuits" with new update

By Dale Bashir on Aug 1, 2017

Originally delayed for looking too much like the latest Power Ranger movie's suits, the Magitek Exosuit for Final Fantasy XV is now available throught the latest patch, which is the version 1.13 update, out now for Xbox One and PS4. 

Too much Mighty Morphin
Too much Mighty Morphin

From the once bright, primary colours, they really toned all of that down for muted dark colours. This gives Noctis and the gang a real terrifying look, with a more uniformed look between each party member. 

The new look
The new look

Honestly, we think they look like more like Guyver, with the whole techno-organic look of the armor and helmet.

The suit adds big bonuses to including invincibility for 30 minutes and better fishing abilities, though the catch is that the suits can only be used once every 24 hours. Along with the suits come more things added on the update, from the patch notes:

  • A new ally cooperation system called “Rush Link” has been added.
  • The “Magitek Armor” invincibility suits have been added.
  • The limited time content “Moogle Chocobo Carnival” has been reopened.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.
  • Save data from this version cannot be used with save data from an old version.
  • If you overwrite save data from the old version with save data of this version, it can no longer be used in the old version.

Download the new update today and try taking the new suits out for a spin. The "Moogle Chocobo Carnival" is now open again, so those who missed it, now's your chance. 

Image via Gematsu
Image via Gematsu


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