Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has three editions for you to choose from, here's what they contain

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 13, 2017

Image source: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age official website
Image source: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age official website

Before we experience a remade Final Fantasy game, we'll be getting a remaster in the form of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. It's coming on July 11 (July 13 in Japan) for the PS4, but you can already start pre-ordering now, The question is, which edition of the game should you pre-order?

That'd be your choice to make, ultimately, but let's look at what the three editions contain. The most eye-catching and heart-pounding one is perhaps the Collector's Edition, which is exclusive to the Square Enix Online Store and costs $199.99, or RM889.96. Aside from the game itself, it comes with the following:

  • Exclusive “Judge Magisters” Mini Bust Set (Featuring busts of Judges Bergan, Drace, Gabranth, Ghis, and Zargabaath)
  • Selection of soundtrack music from famed composer Hitoshi Sakimoto
  • Steelbook featuring exclusive art to the Collector’s Edition
  • Set of Six Art Cards (Featuring Vaan, Ashe, Basch, Fran & Balthier, Penelo and World of Ivalice)
  • Digital code to unlock the FINAL FANTASY XII official soundtrack background music option in-game

Things like the Mini Bust Set and Art Cards are definitely geared towards collectors, but this edition is also the one to contain the selected soundtrack music, so music lovers will have something to gain from it too.

Next is the Limited Edition, which is also eye-catching since it's "limited". It's only available for pre-order at select retailers (it's also on the SE Online Store), and has an exclusive steelbook containing artwork by illustrator Akihiro Yoshida, which sounds like something collectors would crave for too. It also comes with the digital code to the FINAL FANTASY XII official soundtrack background music option in-game and, naturally, the game itself, and costs $49.99 (RM222.46).

Finally, for the humble Standard Edition, its first print run will include a "limited reversible coversheet" that features Yoshida's artwork. Pre-ordering the game from the PlayStation Store will instantly reward players with a static PS4 system theme, while four music tracks by Sakimoto will be unlocked upon release.

As a non Final Fantasy player, the content provided by the Collector's Edition and Limited Edition sound pretty neat, though I probably wouldn't be keen on the mini bust set even if I was a fan. The pre-order bonuses are welcome too, and I personally like that they're giving free music tracks.

On another note, Square Enix also announced that Final Fantasy XII's Balthier will be available as a downloadable champion summon in World of Final Fantasy beginning from March 23. 

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