Final Fantasy Meets Tabletop Play

By Nicolas See Tho on Sep 18, 2017

From the vibrant Final Fantasy series in the consoles, Final Fantasy finally comes to the tabletop scene in the form of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. So we took a look at this familiar game at a different perspective.


The game is played with pre-constructed decks of 50 cards, no more, no less and your objective is to score 7 objective points from your opponent. Players can do this by summoning various heroes from the Final Fantasy Universe to the fore to do battle with enemies on the tabletop battlefield.

How to play 

The game, in essence, is rather procedural. Players draw 5 cards each whereby each player is allowed up to one mulligan/redraw. Should they choose to mulligan, they can then place all their cards at the bottom of their deck and draw 5 new cards. Players can then begin their phases.

There are 5 phases to the game starting from active phase, draw phase moving into Main phase 1, attack phase and main phase 2 followed by the end phase. For more details on how these phases work, we have attached the full guide here for your reference.

There are 2 different card types in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game, which are the Forwards and the Backup. For those who have played the games before, Backups are technically your mana, while the Forwards are your combatants that aim to for damage. In this game, the cost for casting characters is CP and you can gain CP by either discarding the CP of the same color or by dulling your characters sideways.

For those who are interested in the in-depth ruleset, you can check it out here.


As we have experienced various tabletop card games beforehand, we have to say that Final Fantasy Trading Card Game has a certain sense of familiarity that card gamers will recognize. If you have played games like Magic The Gathering or Force of Will, the game mechanics will feel similar. Deckbuilding-wise, the game has tons of variance which would also be a unique feature for those who enjoy the process of building weird decks. Overall, it is a game for the Final Fantasy fans and for card collectors.

For those of you eager to get yourselves started into this game, we have a giveaway that we are running whereby you can stand a chance to win yourselves an FF TCG Starter pack. So just follow the link here to start.

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