Final Fantasy Brave Exvius celebrates its 1st anniversary with largest set of giveaway yet

By Kin Boon on Jun 28, 2017

Image credit: Gumi
Image credit: Gumi

June 29 might be an ordinary day for most of us, but it marks the one-year anniversary of Square Enix’s mobile JRPG, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. For the uninitiated, FFBE is developed by A-Lim and it incorporates a similar system to Brave Frontier, another famous JRPG mobile game from the same developer. As you all can tell from the name, it also features a slew of iconic characters from the Final Fantasy franchise.

An anniversary will be close to meaningless if there aren’t any festivities to complement it, and Square Enix is rolling out plenty of in-game promotions and giveaways, which some of them have already been in progress:

  • Half Energy for Main Story Content (June 23 - 28) to allow players to get up to speed with the deep and engaging storyline.
  • New Summer-Themed Characters (From June 23) - A splash of summer has been brought to the game as players can now summon and collect the summer versions of popular characters, Dark Fina, Fina and Lid who are decked out in their best swimwear! They can also receive various Trust Moogles with each summon.
  • New "Expeditions" System (Global Exclusive) - Players to dispatch their idle units on expedition missions to obtain valuable in-game treasures, including Trust Moogles, and more! All units that embark on an expedition will also receive experience.
  • Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus, Increased Capacity and more!

Don’t fret if you are late to the party, as there’ll be further campaigns for players that log in from June 29 onwards, including:

  • 50% Savings on Special Anniversary Bundle containing 10,000 Lapis, a five-star Trust Moogle and other rewards.
  • Highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY X Collaboration Event (Starting June 29) – Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku will join the ever-growing cast of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, and may be summoned through the special collaboration banner.
  • Free Character Summon Draw Campaigns – The “Free 10+1 Summon Ticket” campaign provides all players with one free 11-character Summon and the chance to strengthen their party. From June 29 through July 26, players can also enjoy one of the largest giveaways in the game’s history and perform the daily Rare Summon, free!
  • Guaranteed 5★ Unit Summon - All players will have the chance to enhance their team and recruit rare and powerful characters like Noctis, Lightning, Gilgamesh and Orlandeau in this special one-time summon.
  • King Moogle Raid Event - Players can face off against this adorable, yet powerful opponent for a chance to win exclusive Moogle-themed items.
  • Obtain Rare Characters through the “Vision Shard” System - Players can collect vision shards through daily logins and quests, and exchange them for powerful five-star characters such as Kelsus.

If that’s not enough, FFBE players can also look forward to a new Final Fantasy XII dungeon in July to coincide with the release of FF XII: The Zodiac Age, featuring new global exclusive characters for the game. I’m sure you don’t need any sort of a reminder, but make sure to log-in daily into the game to net all of the crazy rewards stated above.

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