Fighting in the Shadows Of An Eclipse: Top Games Featuring Eclipses

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 23, 2017

With all the hype from the eclipse news yesterday, we decided to celebrate the hype with our own take on eclipses, except of course with its significance in well known titles.

Far Cry Primal

During the Visions of Fire quest, your character has to shatter the moon with the Fires of Krati. Your quest is to destroy the moon that is threatening to block out the sun during a lunar eclipse, thus by using the Fire Of Krati, You aim your arrows at the moon. Cool bonus, after you complete this quest, you get to shoot meteor arrows. Bad news, now your moon is gone.


Skyrim: Bow of Auriel

In Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC, after you complete the Bow of Auriel quest, you will be able to use the Bow of Auriel to shoot the sun which will either block out the sun or increase its radiance depending on your choices during the mission. It’s pretty cool to be able to cause a night effect willy nilly, especially if you had the vampire's curse.


Uncharted 3

In Drake’s Deception, we get to see a total solar eclipse after we enter Ubar, which starts a chain of events after Sully is shot right after that scene. What proceeds next is a long winded chase down alleys, and another trippy drug scene with Nathan.


Dark Souls

Towards the end of Dark Souls 3, the player views a solar eclipse up during their ascension through Lothric Castle. The moon blocks out the sun and we finally get the meaning of the dark signifies the coming of real darkness, and it is also a homage to Berserk with its eclipse scene whereby shit gets real fast.

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