FFXV Windows Edition’s The Sims 4 Pack Bonus Video Receives Public Condemnation

By Yue Lynn on Mar 1, 2018

After the whole ‘Final Fantasy Royal Edition X Fans’ Loyalty Outrage Debacle’ issue, here comes another scandalous episode. This time, the juicy scandal involves Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition aka the PC cousin. Clearly, drama is part of the family gene. The aforementioned drama started when FFXV uploaded a video titled ‘FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION: The Sims 4 Pack Bonus’ that showcased a pair of Sims 4-themed outfits.


The Sims 4 Llama Suit and The Sims 4 Plumbob outfits are only available to players who buy the FFXV Windows Edition from Origin, EA’s online store. Before I type more, do get yourself up to speed with some background info from Polygon.

Speechless Part 2.
Speechless Part 2.

Now that we are done with the factual boring part, let’s feast our eyes on some salty comments from the trailer’s YouTube page!

Do note the video’s number of ‘Dislikes’. This screenshot is taken at the time of writing.

So condemned, much eyesore indeed right? To read more saltiness, head over to the YouTube page.

To torture you again, here, look at 'em once more:

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