Far Cry 5: Thoughts From A Series Newbie

By Yue Lynn on Apr 26, 2018

Howdy, the below screenshot aptly explains what Far Cry newbies sign up for when playing Far Cry 5:

I’m a fan of diving-right-into-the-action games like Overwatch, the GTA series, Bloodborne and fighting games so you imagine my amusement with a twinge of impatience when the draggy helicopter ride cutscene (which served as the game’s plot introduction) for Far Cry 5 went on and on.

During our helicopter ride, we bumped into the narcissistic statue of the game’s main baddie, cult leader and radical preacher: Joseph Seed, aka the dude who was responsible for this whole f**king situation.

In Far Cry 5’s introduction, you’ll learn that you’ll be playing as a Junior Deputy who, along with his/her (you can choose your gender in the game) boss and senior colleagues, will be heading to Hope County to detain Seed for reasons relating to kidnapping. By listening to your boss droning on and on, it’s subtly made clear that the mission is a doomed one but despite this knowledge, the show must go on. I mean, five people against an entire cult? Who’s kidding who?

Once the bird has landed at the county, your first task is to walk towards the ‘church’. Feeling rebellious, I tried to stray away from the path but I was immediately warned to stay in line by angry Peggies (cult members). I’m not a fan of blunt force trauma so I carried on walking straight towards the church.

In the church, we finally meet Joseph Seed. After some back-and-forth terse words were exchanged, I was prompted to cuff the cult leader. If you choose not to, you will unlock the secret ending:

Yes, the game’s over in less than 20 minutes and it’s a happy ending because nobody died and everyone gets back to their own business. But to actually play Far Cry 5 and get your money’s worth, you must arrest Seed which will start off a chain of unfortunate events that will propel you into the immersive HD experience of taking down a cult.

To cut a long story short, after a failed attempt at arresting the baddie and some cool gunning gameplay and car chase scenes (which I really enjoyed playing because it kept me at the edge of my seat, pun intended), you will be saved by a stranger named Dutch who will aid you in taking the first few steps to become the hero/heroine of the story by taking down the cult.

The character customisation choices were limited (I played as a lady) so you don’t need to waste hours trying to personalise your looks. Also, this game uses a first-person POV so your fashion style wouldn’t matter a lot...

Once you’re equipped with some basic weapons (in my case, my primary melee weapon was a pipe), you’re good to go and explore the world of Far Cry 5. This is where the FUN starts.

In order to crush the cult (obnoxiously called 'Project at Eden's Gate'), players need to gather 'Resistance points' through various ways as shown in the above image. It’s an open world game so you’re free to roam whenever you want and do whatever you want to earn those points. Since I’m a newbie, I followed the path of least resistance by starting out small.

One of the first things I did was to rescue hostages. By doing so, I gained Resistance points and NPC allies. Admittedly, it felt good being a saviour and I can imagine Shrek’s ‘I Need A hero’ song playing in the hostage’s mind when they see me beating or gunning down hostage takers. Or maybe I’m just the syok sendiri type. One of the things that I will recommend you to do, if you have the chance, is to use the ‘Ledge Takedown’ on enemies. It’s immensely satisfying to sneakily swim towards the poor unsuspecting fool, grab their legs and break their neck on the ledge.

Yes, the bloodthirstiness in me is showing, but Far Cry 5 doesn’t shy away from violence. In fact, you can only further your progress in the game via violent means. You can employ stealthy mechanics in Far Cry 5 but this ain’t Dishonored 2, where you can choose not to kill people for a different ending.

If you’re a new player like me, you will spend some time wandering around, trying to get ahold of your bearings.

But thanks to the game’s handy map, you will find yourself subtly guided to your next objective. In the above screenshot, there’s a cult property and some Peggies for me to annihilate. I was only able to destroy the property on my second try because I accidentally blew up myself along with said property on my first try (I was too gung-ho). One of the things I liked about these objectives was that players were allowed to get rid of these properties using various ways.

You can stealthily take out the guarding members one by one before bombing the property or you can straightaway bombed the property and in the midst of chaos, gun down the members. And yes, you can loot stuff so the more places you explore and the more people you kill, the more things you can stack into your inventory. But you do need to be mindful of how much space you have.

After I saved another hostage, the dude in distress, Dave, who turned out to be a ‘Specialist’; someone who can assist you in your journey (so for now, my one-woman army has been dissolved). This meant that the next thing I need to do was to complete the 'Guns for Hire' mission. You will unlock and acquire more Specialists as you progress further into the game.

The mission was to secure a cult area with the help of my new companion. This was a lot harder because I needed to control my companion movements while being sneaky myself. This mission was all about being stealthy and expectedly, the mission went south (and good ole Dave got himself killed), the first time.

Unfortunately, I needed to wait for some time before Dave materialised again so it was pretty sucky to just hang around ‘till he magically appeared.

Thankfully, second time’s the charm as I succeeded in completing the mission! After that, I can proceed to start taking out cult outposts. By earning more points, it will get me nearer to the big guns of Eden’s Gate such as the associates of Joseph Seed; namely John Seed, Jacob Seed and Faith Seed.

The objectives that I’d completed were just the very beginning of a fun game. Far Cry 5 story missions are non-linear and there are plenty of side missions peppered throughout the game so you’re free to choose your own path. Currently, I haven’t finished the game and I was busy exploring Dutch’s Island (Far Cry 5’s graphics is yummy), the main location where all the aforementioned missions took place at. You can expect more adventure, more fun, more humans to point your guns at and more violence after you get outta Dutch Island.

With regards to Specialists, the interesting ones are definitely Boomer the loyal doggie, Peaches the heterochromatic mountain lion and Cheeseburger the ferocious bear.

While these ‘Fangs for Hire’ are awesome, these animals can’t ride a car and that sucks big time. I can confirm that GTA V’s Chop the rottweiler is a better boy ‘cause he automatically knew how to jump on the passenger seat everytime I wanna go for a ride and we can actually travel via car to a place and kill some peeps. But unfortunately, the same can’t be said of Far Cry 5. Boohoo.

Overall, the game is beautiful, and the shootouts are tense and thrilling. No doubt players will spend many enjoyable hours playing, exploring and creating havoc in Far Cry 5’s world. I would recommend Far Cry 5 to anyone who’s looking for some nice adventures and visually-stunning, cool open world game to lay waste on. However, personally for me, the replay value is low because while it’s all fun and games during my first run, I don’t think I will play Far Cry 5 for the second time.

The game’s good (I did enjoy sneakily killing those cultists *evil laughter*) and you do have a boatload of freedom to do whatever you want and murder whoever you want. But for gamers like me who prefer all-over-the-place action and highly engaging, not to mention, salty gameplay like Overwatch, Far Cry 5 is a wee bit draggy-ish and slightly boring… Also, my playing experience may be slightly affected as I played Far Cry 5 on PC even though I’m a PlayStation player so there’s that.

All in all, I can legitimately say that Far Cry 5 in a nutshell is literally this:

To all Far Cry 5 players, I hope you have lots of fun trying to un**** the situation!

Far Cry 5 is available on PC (via Steam for RM219), Xbox and PlayStation.

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