Fantasy War Tactics-R is now 800 days old and Nexon Korea is celebrating with in-game giveaways and event

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 12, 2018


Popular mobile strategy role-playing game (SRPG), Fantasy War Tactics-R is celebrating its 800th day after the game was launched and developer, NEXON Korea Corporation is thanking players with a heap of generous giveaways and events to commemorate the mobile RPG's monumental milestone.

The new anniversary update for Fantasy War Tactics-R includes tons of giveaways and events for old and new players to enjoy. Players who log-in daily from January 11 2017 onwards will receive lucrative rewards for 8 days. Here is the list of rewards for each day of login:

  • Day 1 – Random Rune Box x3
  • Day 2 – Unknown Fruit x40
  • Day 3 – 15,000 Soul Stones
  • Day 4 – 8,000,000 Gold
  • Day 5 – Dungeon Subjugation Ticket x100
  • Day 6 – Universal Transcendence Ticket x1
  • Day 7 – 5 Star Set Selection Ticket x1
  • Day 8 – 6 Star Equipment Piece Selection Ticket x1

Besides the giveaway, Nexon Korea Corporation is also inviting players to participate in several generous 'give-back' events that will only be available for a limited time.

  • 8 Milli – Spend 8 million gold or more between Thursday, Jan. 11 and Sunday, Jan. 14 to receive 8 million gold in return
  • 800 x 800 – Purchase 800 Crystals during the event period and get an additional 800 free
  • Valuable Transcendence Ticket – Spend 800 Crystals or more to obtain one free Random Transcendence Ticket Box

The anniversary update is now live worldwide for both Android and iPhone. Just search for "Fantasy War Tactics-R" on Google Play or the App Store to download the game.

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