Fans Celebrated the Arrival of God of War at a Midnight Launch

By Yue Lynn on Apr 20, 2018

God of War’s arrival on our shores was greeted by a Midnight Launch event at Sunway Pyramid! It has been 8 years since the release of God of War III and it was obvious that fans have been eagerly awaiting this latest installment. Despite it being held at such a late hour, the energy level of the crowd of fans were palpable.

Besides celebrating the game’s release, this event was also specially organised by PlayStation Asia to let fans who had pre-ordered God of War to collect their Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition sets.

The event actually started from 8pm and ran until 2am (12am was the midnight launch). Before the launch, there were various fun activities for fans to participate in, including face painting, bow and arrow action and quizzes among others.

The first 50 in the line were gifted with a Kratos Pixel Pals lamp while all attendees stood a chance to win Kratos and Atreus Funko Pop! vinyl figures. One of the ‘noteworthy’ things about this launch was of course, the queue:

These guys certainly had a fun way to keep them occupied while they were waiting in line:

After hours of waiting, the clock finally struck midnight and much celebration commenced:

Ravinder was the very first person to get his hands on the game. Nothing but a big and proud smile on his face! He had actually started queueing up since 3pm and was famously known among the crowd as the “3pm Guy”.  

Overall, the event was a complete success! Kudos to the fans who had been queueing up (and staying in line) for hours and keeping the event hyped, y’all were troopers! This was my first time covering a midnight launch and it was definitely a pleasure to see a united tribe of gamers with a common love for God of War!

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