Experience the thrills of whistleblowing journalism in The Occupation

By Melvyn Tan on Mar 23, 2017

Indie developer White Paper Games has announced a new title called The Occupation, in which you wear the shoes of a whistleblowing journalist in 1980s North-West England.

The plot revolves around a controversial act called The Union Act, which is enacted following a terrorist attack. An unfortunate consequence of the act is that British civil liberties are threatened by it, and there’s also the matter of the government not being honest with its people. That’s where you come in, as your journalist character searches for the truth.

The Occupation is set on October 24, 1987, and takes place within four hours of that day. What happens in that four hours will decide the act’s outcome and the country’s future. And interestingly, the game’s events will happen in real-time. That suggests that it’d be quite a short game, but the subject matter makes for compelling content, at least on paper. And replayability due to the presence of more than one endings might be a possibility, as the description says that “you decide the narrative”.

Aside from acting on the evidence that surrounds you, there’ll likely be some tough late-game decisions to make. “Is the cost of an extreme action outweighed by the cause of the greater good?” reads part of the game’s description. Whatever revelation the game contains is unlikely to make the same kind of waves a triple A game like BioShock Infinite would, but I’m eager to learn what it is anyway.

There’s not much info on the gameplay, but the announcement trailer shows a bit of stealth and walking around. Further details, especially on the investigation-related bits, will probably be revealed in a later trailer. It’s due to be released this year, but what platforms it'll be coming to is currently a mystery.

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