Eximius: Seize the Frontline - Spring 2019 Update Is Now Live

By Michelle J. Brohier on May 10, 2019

Our very own local FPS/RTS hybrid game Eximius: Seize the Frontline, developed by Ammobox Studios has announced their Spring 2019 update which is now live! Find out more about the significan changes laid out for you here.

The Spring 2019 Update kicks off with their newest and largest PvP map to date: Academy. Players will need to prepare for larger scale engagements as this map has more ground to control and defend.

• Those playing the Commander role will also note the potential opportunities the wider side roads offer for an armored assault and the larger impact infantry units will have throughout the match. 

• Officers will have their FPS play put to the test as they conduct swift skirmishes to retain control over precious resources and Victory Points in the centre of the map.

Two new Battlesuits are also part of this free update to all players. These suits will bring some very different and exciting mechanics to Eximius: Seize the Frontline that should shake up the current strategies already in use.

• Exploit Vanguard (GSF faction): The Exploit Vanguard aims to disrupt and disarm the enemy. Equipped with a sophisticated computer attachment located on the arm guard, the Exploit Vanguard is able to hack and temporarily disable enemies and deploy a device that unleashes a deadly cloud in a wide area denying enemy movement for a period of time. This Battlesuit was designed to complement the more offensive role of the Assault Vanguard which can lock onto groups of enemies and unleash a rocket barrage.

• Orion (AXERON Faction): The Orion acts as the hunter for the cold and calculating Axeron Industries. Designed to take out enemy Commanders and key Officers, one well-placed attack from the Orion can send entire squads into retreat, crippling the enemy's front line. With cutting edge technology serving as the backbone for this faction's forces, the Orion exemplifies their refined sense of combat with its abilities. This includes mines that can be placed on the ground or walls to surprise pursuers allowing a safe escape and the ability to produce mirror images of itself that can confuse the enemy. Working in tandem with the Aegis Battlesuit, the Orion can slip bind enemy lines and use it's illusions to rout the enemy's retreat as the more defensive Aegis tears into their ranks.

You can find out more on their Facebook or even go to their Discord.

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