Exclusive Revolve8 Interview with Marketing Spokeperson, Makoto Senoo

By Dale Bashir on Oct 26, 2018


With the upcoming release of Revolve8, we sit down with the Public Relation and Marketing Spokesperson of Sega, Makoto Senoo who will speak on behalf of game producer Masayoshi Kikuchi and Character Designer Koji Igarashi. We talk about some behind-the-scenes secrets from the game and the ideas that went behind the making of the game.  


What is Revolve8?

Revolve8 is a one to one PVP real-time strategy game, with the intent on bringing the genre to as many people as possible. It’s an original Sega game from an all-star team including Masayoshi Kikuchi from the Yakuza games and Koji Igarashi who was the designer on Castlevania.  

Who came up with the idea behind Revolve8?

Kikuchi-san and Igarashi-san actually met at a New Year’s party about 2 or 3 years ago, with them soon started talking about game ideas and concept. Igarashi-san had been really wanting to do a game like this and he pitched his idea to Kikuchi-san, and this led to the development of Revolve8. This is usually how we do things in Sega, ideas come naturally and casually, it’s very uncommon in Japanese companies I think.


Why was a fairy tale setting chosen for the game?

Kikuchi-san decided that fairy tales are something that everyone around the world could relate to and find common grounds with. We even pitched it to our staff in other countries as well, and the response was great. That’s why we stuck to the fairy tale set-up.

What is the story of Revolve8 and how does it diverge from the fairy tales we all know?

There’s a story mode in the game, from there you can experience each character’s own story campaign. We’re not using your classic fairy tale stories, we gave each one a Revolve8 spin, so we hope fans get to check the game out and all the wild changes we made to these classic stories. According to Kikuchi-san, with Revolve8 he wanted to give a whole new perspective to these fairy tales, giving a punk and alternative reimagining to these classics. He said it was a challenge to find the right balance to these changes and the original story’s intent.

What was the decision behind making the game a real-time strategy game?

Kikuchi-san wanted to give an in-depth gaming experience to players, by using an almost unlimited pool of characters, which real-time strategy games are known to be able to achieve.


Are there any particular characters or features that the team was very excited to implement into the game?

It’s hard to nail down one particular feature or character, because the dev team found it hard to choose one. Kikuchi-san especially was very attached to the world and characters he made, and thought it was a tough question to answer. Igarashi-san himself put in so many ideas in the story of the game as well as the overall character design, he looks forward to unveil all there is within the game to his fans.

What are some of the dev team’s favourite characters in Revolve8?

My favourite is Red Riding Hood, she’s a character that enjoys selfies and vanity, which is what Igarashi-san instilled in her character from the start. The disparity between the original and our version is quite interesting.


Kikuchi-san himself has said that his favourite is definitely our version of Rapunzel. If you look closely at Rapunzel, we hid a very classic Sega reference to her. The controller she’s using for her vehicle is actually a Sega Saturn controller, Kikuchi-san wanted her to be a retro gamer of sorts.


Igarashi-san however likes our take on the Emperor’s New Clothes, who is a buff and muscle bound take on the character. Each member of the dev team has their favourites, and we really think that’s a testament to the design and concepts of the individual characters.

What games inspired the design of Revolve8’s gameplay?

With Kikuchi-san’s major involvement of Jet Set Radio, he sought to do what he did with graffiti and street culture in Jet Set Radio, and bring that same mood and mindset to the world of fairy tales.


What else can you tell us about the world of Revolve8? What secrets lie within Imago?

According to Kikuchi-san, Imago is a world a lot like ours and is connected to our world through fairy tales. Things that happen within Imago also affect what we know within the fairy tales. For example, if there was a depiction of a fairy tale character in anime or a Hollywood movie, it will affect the character’s demeanor and behaviour in Imago.

As the marketer for this game, there are some things I would like to add. Both Kikuchi and Igarashi-san are really influential game designers, and their ideas combined can reach extraordinary heights. They both put a lot into the world of Imago in Revolve8, and at first it was hard to grasp what they were both trying to convey. Eventually as the months went on, everyone on the dev team slowly came on the same page as them. At the post-beta state we are at now, the team will implement and improve the game much more. Soon, our fans can truly experience the world that both Igarashi and Kikuchi-san has created for all of us.


What other fairy tales would be making its way to Revolve8?

Well I’m sure we’ve seen Cinderella in the various marketing materials for the game; what we haven’t really revealed is the likes of Sleeping Beauty and Sinbad for sure. Even lesser known fairy tales like The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Andersen will be making an appearance. We try to strike a balance between Eastern and Western fairy tales being in the game.


How did Koji Igarashi’s art help in bringing the world of Revolve8 to life?

He brought all the characters to life for sure. All the game’s character’s punkish attitudes all came from him. He’s really great at outlandish character concepts.

Will more characters be added to the game? Will there be variations for special events i.e. Christmas or Halloween variants?

We haven’t planned the event variants yet, but we will definitely add more characters in the game once Revolve8 is fully released. We’re also going to release different skins for existing characters.


Will you let players group up in Guilds or Clans? And will there be a multiplayer Raid mode coming to the game?

There is a guild feature in the game, so you can have fun with your friends. What the dev team is thinking that not only can we have people play around the world, but it’s actually more fun with your friends side by side. We really want to promote this way of playing for our players. We’re hoping that players in Malaysia will really enjoy this aspect of the game.

Will we see crossover with other games, like Shin Megami Tensei, Sonic or any other third-party property?

We don’t exactly have any plans for that yet, but at this point the possibilities are endless. If you have any ideas on which IPs you would want to see in the game, post us a message on the official Revolve8 Facebook page. All the comments are actually read by Kikuchi-san, so please comment if there’s something you would like to see in the game.

Any final messages to your fans in Malaysia?

Dear Gamehubs readers, please look forward to the release of Revolve8, it’s a love-letter to gamers everywhere from the minds of Masayoshi Kikuchi and Koji Igarashi. We have reached 100,000 pre-registers already and look for more news on the official Revolve8 Facebook page. Thank you so much!


Check out Revolve8’s official Facebook page right here. Special thanks to Makoto Senoo, the development team of Revolve8, and the fine folks at Sega and GoGame for making this interview happen. Register for the game right now through this link.

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