Every League of Legends teams has finalized their roster for Worlds 2017 and here are the lineups for the 5 major regions

By Kurtis Chan on Sep 19, 2017

Worlds 2017 is starting in a few days and teams have finalized their team roster which includes one substitute player that will be fighting their way to be the best League of Legends team in 2017. Every one who follows the League of Legends scene closely will want to know who will be playing for the teams in the 5 major regions. Without further ado, here are the final rosters for every team from the 5 majo regions that will be taking part in Worlds 2017.

North America (NA LCS)

Team Solomid (TSM)

Qualified to Worlds 2017 by coming in as the champion of the NA LCS Summer Split after defeating Immortals, TSM is considered to be most recognizable and decorated team in North America and they will be the number 1 seed from North America stepping into Worlds. TSM has appeared in every NA LCS Final since it began and also the only team in history to attend every World Championship, one thing that SKT T1 failed to do.

Top- Hauntzer

Jungle- Svenskeren

Mid- Bjergsen

ADC- Doublelift

Support- Biofrost

Substitute- MrRalleZ

Coach- Parth

Immortals (IMT)

With an almost fully revamped roster, Immortals is finally able to redeem themselves from failing to qualify for last year's Worlds and the team will be the North America second seed. Majority of the NA LCS audience would not have expected them to be able to make their international debut with a newly formed team. With the prowess of their jungler, Xmithie, previously from Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and a newly appointed coach, Ssong, the team managed to head into the NA LCS Summer Split Finals but fell short to TSM. However, they were able to qualify for Worlds 2017 on Championship Points.

Top- Flame

Jungle- Xmithie

Mid- Pobelter

ADC- Cody Sun

Support- Olleh

Substitute- Anda

Coach- Ssong

Cloud 9 (C9)

Ever since their debut in 2013, Cloud 9 has never failed to represent North America at Worlds. After their win over CLG in the NA LCS Regional Qualifier Final, Cloud 9 will once again be the third seed for North America for another run at the Summoner's Cup.

Top- Impact

Jungle- Contractz

Mid- Jensen

ADC- Sneaky

Support- Smoothie

Substitute- Ray

Coach- Reapered

Europe (EU LCS)

G2 Esports (G2)

With a clean sweep over Misfits in the EU LCS Summer Split Final, the 'Kings of Europe' have once again asserted their dominance with their fourth consecutive EU LCS Championship. G@ had a shaky start to the Summer Split but everything picked up for them during the Playoffs and the team managed to earn themselves the number one seed coming from Europe for Worlds 2017. G2 was one of the finalists at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational and they now have another chance to prove that they can be as good on the international stage.

Top- Expect

Jungle- Trick

Mid- PerkZ

ADC- Zven

Support- Mithy

Substitute- Hoang

Coach- YoungBuck

Misfits (MSF)

It has been one heck of a year for Misfits. From the UK Premiership, to the EU Challenger Series, to the EU LCS, the team has made a name for themselves in the competitive scene. Misfits have been talking about their 'one year plan' to make it into Worlds 2017 and it wasn't all talk. After getting fourth place in the Spring Split and second place in Summer Split, their plan was a success as they took second seed representing Europe on Championship Points.

Top- Alphari

Jungle- Maxlore

Mid- PowerOfEvil

ADC- Hans Same

Support- Ignar

Substitute- H1iva

Coach- Daku

Fnatic (FNC)

The first World Champion is back for this year's Championship after watching Worlds 2016 from the sidelines. Fnatic is the third seed for Europe after clean sweeping H2K in the EU LCS Regional Qualifier, which also marks their fifth appearance at Worlds. The team has reached the semifinals or higher at Worlds on three separate occasions and as one of the oldest teams in the professional scene, Fnatic will be looking to return to their former glory.

Top- Soaz

Jungle- Broxah

Mid- Caps

ADC- Rekkles

Support- Jesiz

Substitute- Special

Coach- Dylan Falco

Korea (LCK)

Longzhu Gaming (LZ)

Longzhu became the headline of the League of Legends world recently as they successfully defeated SKT T1 3-1 in the LCK Summer Split Final to earn themselves the number one seed, making a statement to not only Korea but also the rest of the world. They finished the Spring Split in seventh place and it is an incredible feat that they are able to qualify for Worlds 2017 by being the champion of Korea.

Top- Khan

Jungle- Cuzz

Mid- BDD

ADC- Pray

Support- Gorilla

Substitute- Rascal

Coach- Kim Jung Su


The reigning, defending World Champions SKT T1 is inarguably the most dominant and most decorated team in the League of Legends pro scene. Three-time World Champions, two-time Mid-Season Invitational Champions, six-time LCK Champions, the giants are back for Worlds 2017 to hold onto the Summoners Cup for the third consecutive time. Even though they recently lose to Longzhu Gaming in the LCK Summer Split Final, SKT T1 is still the favorite to win it all, again.

Top- Huni

Jungle- Peanut

Mid- Faker

ADC- Bang

Support- Wolf

Substitute- Blank

Coach- Kkoma

Samsung Galaxy (SSG)

For the second year running, SSG will be the third seed from Korea after defeating KT Rolster in the LCK Regional Qualifier Final, yet again. Samsung Galaxy made it all the way to the finals of Worlds 2016 but SKT proved too strong for them to handle. The finals between SKT and SSG last year was the first ever finals that went all the way to Game 5.

Top- Cuvee

Jungle- Ambition

Mid- Crown

ADC- Ruler

Support- CoreJJ

Substitute- Haru

Coach- Choi Woo Bum

China (LPL)

Edward Gaming (EDG)

Edward Gaming is one of the most popular and best performing teams in China. With their 2017 LPL Summer victory, they’ve now won five LPL Championships, five consecutive Demacia cups, earning themselves the nickname ‘Five Crowning King’ in the process, and have had three top eight placements at Worlds. They also beat SK telecom T1 in the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational to become the only team other than SKT to hold an MSI Championship. Veteran player Clearlove will be looking to lead his team to greater heights as the #1 seed from China and realizing his dream of becoming a World Champion.

Top- Mouse

Jungle- Clearlove7

Mid- Scout

ADC- iBoy

Support- Meiko

Substitute- Audi

Coach- NoFe

Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

Royal Never Give Up has been one of the top teams in the LPL alongside EDG since the 2016 Spring Split. Now they’ll get a chance to perform on the biggest stage in front of a home crowd, as they take the #2 seed from the LPL on Championship Points after placing 2nd in both Spring and Summer Splits. While it is their second appearance at Worlds, the team holds plenty of Worlds experience, with Uzi having appeared in two World Championship Finals.

Top- LetMe

Jungle- Mlxg

Mid- XiaoHu

ADC- Uzi

Support- Ming 

Substitute- Y1han

Coach- FireFox

Team WE (WE)

Team WE is one of the oldest teams in professional League of Legends, and have recently found a resurgence in the modern iteration of the LPL. It wasn’t until the 2017 Spring Split that WE finally rose up and claimed the LPL crown, beating Royal Never Give Up in the Finals to represent China at the Mid-Season Invitational, where they earned their region a Pool 1 berth by getting out of Groups. They qualified for Worlds 2017 as the #3 seed from China conquering the LPL Regional Qualifier.

Top- 957

Jungle- Condi

Mid- Xiye

ADC- Mystic

Support- Ben

Substitute- Zero

Coach- Homme

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau (LMS)

Flash Wolves (FW)

Flash Wolves have been the dominant force in their region after winning the LMS for the fourth consecutive split, clean sweeping their bitter rivals, AHQ in the finals. Flash Wolves earned the LMS a Pool 1 berth during the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational and there are now hungry for redemption after failing to make it out of group stage last year.

Top- MMD

Jungle- Karsa

Mid- Maple

ADC- Betty

Support- SwordArt

Substitute- CYO

Coach- Steak

ahq e-Sports Club (AHQ)

ahq e-Sports Club is one of the oldest and most celebrated teams. After placing 2nd in both Spring and Summer splits, they qualified as the #2 seed from the LMS on Championship Points. This will be their 4th World Championship appearance, making them one of the most experienced organizations at the tournament.

Top- Ziv

Jungle- Mountain

Mid- Chawy


Support- Albis 

Substitute- WestDoor

Coach- GreenTea

Hong Kong Attitude (HKA)

After finishing 5th in the LMS regular season, Hong Kong Attitude fought their way through the Regional Qualifier, beating both Raise Gaming and J-Team to become the first ever third seed to represent the LMS at Worlds. They were one game away from making Worlds back in 2015, and will now finally make their first World Championship debut.

Top- Riris

Jungle- GodKwai

Mid- M1ssion

ADC- Unified

Support- Kaiwing

Substitute- Gemini

Coach- Tabe

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