ESL sets up regional office in Southeast Asia, open doors for more premium eSports tournaments in the region

By Kin Boon on Jun 10, 2017

Image credits: Redbull
Image credits: Redbull

ESL has established itself as a major eSports tournament organizer over the years, with plenty of premium tournaments hosted for various popular titles. So it’s no surprise that the German company announced their expansion to Southeast Asia, considering the lucrative eSports market that is rapidly growing in this region.

There is no word on where the regional office will be, but they have appointed Sebastian Radu as the Interim Chief Executive Officer for Southeast Asia. Radu will oversee operational and strategic efforts in the region, and he seems like the perfect candidate to do so, considering his wealth of experience after being in the eSports industry for over a decade.

Most importantly, this opens up more opportunities for ESL to organize premium competitions in the region, as they have confirmed that there’ll be two stand-alone events for Dota 2 as part of its flagship tournament series, ESL One. This will be a huge follow-up to their first 2 events in Southeast Asia, ESL One Manila in 2016 and early 2017’s ESL One Genting. Just like their Western counterparts, both events featured top international teams in Dota 2, with a combined prize pool of $500,000.

“ESL’s mission is to bring eSports to every corner of the world, and create legendary eSports moments wherever we go,” said Radu. “With this strategic expansion, ESL is committing to bringing the best of eSports to South East Asia, and to further build on the legacy left by the two successful mega events our company already held in Manila and Malaysia. We’re looking forward to future projects, events, and partnerships that will bring us closer to this goal in our mission.”

I previously shared a conversation with Ulrich Schulze, Vice President of Pro Gaming during ESL One Genting, and he expressed interest in establishing a foothold in Southeast Asia, so it’s nice to see ESL following up on that with the establishment of a regional office. It’s safe to say that we can expect ESL One to return to our shores again, most probably sometime next year.

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