ESL One Genting Day 2 round-ups

By David Tan on Jan 8, 2017

The second day of ESL One Genting were games after games. Teams trying their hardest to secure their spots and advance to the semifinals tomorrow, we can really tell that they gave them their all throughout their plays on the matches. Here’s the result for the day.

Local heroes fallen.

Fnatic and WarriorsGaming.Unity had a pretty tough Day 1, ending the day by going down to the lower brackets. Unfortunately, both of the team were eliminated today, ending their journey of this event. Fnatic went down 2:0 with NP. During the first game, Fnatic suffers from performance as NP snowball their way through victory. As for the second game, a few plays at the late game opened up a comeback hope from Fnatic, but that was not enough as a return. We’ll be looking forward for better performance from Fnatic in the future.

WarriorsGaming.Unity (WG) did pretty well after losing their first match with Execration. With total domination from the very beginning of the second round, they scored it without a sweat as even the caster were surprised by their performance. “What a disaster everybody keeps dying everywhere”, said Merlini describing the situation of the round. Ultimately, Execration took the final round, ending the game with mega creeps.

Fnatic vs NP : 0-2 (Fnatic eliminated)

WG.U vs Execration: 1:2 (WG.U eliminated)

VP and NP face-off.                                    

Both prominent teams faced off each other with fantastic performances, respecting each other in the words of Dota2. The first match lasted for nearly an hour with close points until the very end of the round, leaving tension to everyone who’s watching. VP struggled to pick up both points, eliminating NP out the tournament. Nonetheless, NP put up a good fight against the ever-aggressive VP until the very end.

Execration stumbles before Wings Gaming.

The final game of the day was nothing but “interesting”. Although Wings Gaming had a tough at the early game of the first round, Execration did not took the advantages of their dominant start and loses the mid and late game. Onto the second round, Execration couldn’t hold the game after some poor decisions making. The mistakes mirrored the results, as they couldn’t fence off Wings’ steady play, falling 2:0 against them. Perhaps they were tired, but by trying to hold up the throne, Execration commendable attitude had brought them so far, losing the game with glory.

VP vs NP: 2-0 (NP eliminated)

Execration vs Wings Gaming: 0:2 (Execration eliminated)

Games were exciting, but the big deal starts tomorrow. Semifinals and finals are coming their way on January 8 starting on 10:30 (GMT+8). Who’ll claim the cup? Tune in to Twitch and catch up with this awesome series tomorrow.

Video Source: NoobFromUA

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