ESL One Genting 2017 Day 3: Amazing matches throughout Semi-Finals and Grand Finals, Digital Chaos claims the trophy

By David Tan on Jan 9, 2017

Wars on Genting, Day 3

Source: RedBull
Source: RedBull

ESL One Genting 2017 has finally come to an end as the Semi-Finals and Finals were nothing but amazing matches from the teams themselves. The meat of the 3 Days series ended with a high note by going to the fifth round of the Best of 5 Grand Finals, giving the crowd and the audiences an extra treat. At the end of the tournament, DC (Digital Chaos) reigns through to the top and claim the trophy of this year’s ESL One. Following are the summaries of the games throughout the last day.

Semi-Finals 1st match-up, DC vs VP 2:0 (Winner: DC)

The day started off with DC vs VP. Both teams had performed so well throughout the series and they finally had a chance to have a face-off. The first game was going back and forth, finally taken by DC. The second game was close throughout the entire match. With a few pushes and well-executed team fights, DC claimed the spot to the Grand Finals over from the hard fought VP.

Semi-Finals 2nd match-up, Wings. Gaming vs Newbee 1:2 (Winner: Newbee)

China vs China, the second match-up of the semi-finals went to the 3rd round. The first match was scored by Newbee by ending the game before the clock hits 30 minutes. Coming back from the first round, Wings caught up mid-game and break through Newbee’s domination, securing a chance at the third round. Third round lasted for an hour, as Newbee took the advantage at the final clash, picking off Wings one by one and finally ended the game. Newbee took the spot to face DC in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals

The spotlight went full focus on DC and Newbee, as they will be the teams who’ll face-off each other at the top of the whole series. Making the event justice, the crowd at the arena and audience who stream online were given a treat as the game reaches the final round. Both teams were giving their all, tying the Finals 2:2. Here are the summaries of the final showdown of the event.

Round 1: ‘Winner’ is not Legion (Winner: Newbee) 1-0

While DC drafted out Legion Commander, it was under performed by MoonMeander. Mistakes were made and the duels goes to Newbee’s. With Obsidian Destroyer and Disruptor in Newbee’s tea,, it was tough to have a lockdown by Legion to beginning with. DC went down as Newbee took the first game.

Round 2: Legion comeback (Winner: DC) 1-1

DC did not gave up due to the mistakes during the first round, as they roll out Legion Commander once again without hesitation. Having better supports and the absent of Destroyer and Disruptor, Legion justified her return, dueling her way to victory with w33’s Ursa and an overwhelming Naga Siren by Resolut1on. Newbee did put up a fight while DC stumbled a little bit during the mid-game, but the swing wasn’t enough push back DC. DC scored their first win in the Finals.

Round 3: Safety Safe Picks (Winner: Newbee) 2-1

There isn’t anything surprising factors from the heroes choices in the 3rd game, but it was intense nonetheless. Newbee’s Sccc was razing through his way with his Shadow Fiend, one-sidedly “overshadows” the entire game. Ending right before 30 minutes, Newbee’s dominated round 3 with ease.

Round 4: DC’s Reverse Confusion (Winner: DC) 2-2

Drafting out Io and Underlord, it looks like Newbee was trying to give DC a hard time by having the freedom of transportation throughout the whole map. However, it was DC who planted the confusion seed into Newbee’s plan. By pushing separately near the late-game effectively, DC’s push tactics had a huge impact on winning the round as they slowly chipped away Newbee's tower whenever there's opening. Although Newbee lost the round, but they had some impressive plays, showing they were indeed the team that's worthy of fighting in the Grand Finals. At the 13 minutes mark, Newbee's kpii baited DC off as he teleports to defend the tier 2 tower on top, only to cancel it at the very last moment to continue pushing the bottom lane. DC's MoonMeander (Sand King) wasted his ultimate just like. Some psychology warfare happened and the crowd was confused yet impressed. 

Decider round: Newbee’s Luna got her “Lifestealed” hard (Winner: DC) 3-2

With Shadow Demon+Mirana and Centaur+Lifestealer combos, the last game of the entire series was taken by DC one-sidedly. Combos were done perfectly, plus by locking down Newbee’s Luna constantly, the core of Newbee did not had a chance to farm up. Resolut1on, who was using Lifestealer was aggressively aiming Luna, constantly getting uuu9’s (Luna) way through some wonderful pick-offs performed by DC. Ultimately, Newbee was being forced too much from the opponent team, calling “GG” at the 31 minutes mark.

And the Winner was born. DC, representing America takes home the title of Champion of ESL One Genting 2017!

A short interview with MiSeRy and w33 during the press conference

After 5 intense matches, we were given a chance to interview the winners in the press conference at the end of the day. We approached w33 and MiSeRy to get some thoughts and comments about their victories, here are some insights for the games in Grand Finals from them.

MiSeRy: “We are pretty confident with Legion.”

MiSeRy sharing his thoughts of the games.
MiSeRy sharing his thoughts of the games.

The leader of DC was confident with MoonMeander’s Legion after all. When asked about the reappearance of Legion Commander at the second game, MiSeRy admitted there were mistakes throughout the very first round with the hero, but he expressed they are always pretty comfortable with having Legion in their team. Since this is their first time owning the champion title with the current roster, the leader expressed his excitement for the future tournaments. He was also grateful towards this series and the fans who supported them in the arena.

w33: “The crowd gave me energy.”

w33 gets the crowd's hype.
w33 gets the crowd's hype.

Perhaps one of the crowd’s favorite star player, there were a bunch of w33 fans spotted within the live audience in the arena. For this I tossed out a question regarding to the support from the local fans. w33 said the crowd in the arena was something else. He was pumped throughout the matches even though tiredness was taking a toll on him, saying that the crowd gave him energy while he’s about to fall asleep. The live crowd was totally supporting DC throughout the 5 games, cheering louder and louder whenever they made plays. Guess that explains the Leshrac Taunt by him in the 4th round?

w33 activating Leshrac Taunt to get the crowd rile up.
w33 activating Leshrac Taunt to get the crowd rile up.



ESL One Genting 2017 was one hell of a tournament. Exciting crowd, fans or not alike enjoyed spectating Dota2 with unity, it was truly a spectacle. With DC’s victory, we wish that the team will keep the momentum going in the future tournaments such as Dota Pit League Season 5. In the meantime, let’s hope there’s another huge scale Dota2 tournament be held in Malaysia again due to the great responses of this event. See you guys again.

Source: RedBull
Source: RedBull


Source: RedBull, NoobFromUA

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