Earn yourself an extra Overwatch League skin by completing these simple steps!

By Kurtis Chan on Jan 12, 2018

In celebration of the beginning of Overwatch League, Blizzard has added all of the Overwatch League skins in the game, 312 skins to be exact. Blizzard has also given out 100 League Tokens for players to purchase any one of the skins available, and the only way to obtain League Tokens is by purchasing it. If you are not looking to spend a single cent on these skins but you want to own another one, just follow and complete these simple steps and Blizzard will reward you with additional 100 League Tokens.

Before 31 January 2018, all you have to do is sign up for email updates from Overwatch League and your favorite teams to earn yourself an additional 100 League Tokens, which is enough for you to exchange for ane Overwatch League skin.

Step 1: Enter your email address that is associated with Battle.net

Step 2: Select your country

Step 3: Choose your favorite team(s)

Step 4: Agree to the terms and conditions

Step 5: Click "Get Your Tokens" and wait

This offer can only be redeemed once per Battle.net account. Your associated Overwatch account must not be banned or suspended before to be eligible for the Tokens. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, you have to link your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to your Battle.net account to redeem it. Click here if you do not know how to do s

Head over to the Overwatch League page now before it's too late. The additional League Tokens will be added to your account by the end of February as stated by Blizzard.

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