E. Honda, Lucia, And Poison Return To Street Fighter V This August 4th

By Dale Bashir on Aug 1, 2019

Street Fighter is the fighting game that started it all, with Street Fighter 2 putting fighting games on the map and laying the groundwork for fighting games for the next 28 years. Street Fighter's fifth iteration, Street Fighter V, is celebrating the franchise's long history by introducing 3 new DLC characters from previous games. 

The first being fan favourite and Street Fighter's staple sumo wrestler, E. Honda. E. Honda is the final character from Street Fighter 2's original roster to return in Street Fighter V, and he comes back with his signature moves and combos. 

The second character coming back is Lucia, who is actually one of the main characters in Street Fighter's spin-off game, Final Fight. Her introduction trailer reflects this, with her being a cop and interacting with fellow Final Fight characters, Haggar and Mayor Cody. 

The last character to be announced is the returning villain from Final Fight, who made her playable debut in Street Fighter 3, Poison. She was also last seen as an additional character in Ultra Street Fighter IV. 

All 3 characters will be available as DLC from the 4th of August on the PC and PS4 version of Street Fighter V. 

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