Dynasty Warriors 9 brings us new feature updates with a new trailer

By Dale Bashir on Aug 8, 2017

For the first time in the series, Koei Tecmo is taking the Dynasty Warriors series to new heights by breaking its boundaries and opening up its world. Instead of the usual closed off arenas the series is used to, Dynasty Warriors 9 is introducing an open world for warriors to run around to explore, conquer and kill hundreds of enemy soldiers along the way. Footage of this new development was shown in a Youtube video published by Koei Tecmo yesterday.

Via Koei Tecmo America
Via Koei Tecmo America

The footage shows off fan-favorite, Guan Yu racing across a vast battlefield, unleashing sieges and killing hundreds of soldiers with the flick of his spear. The trailer also shows a brief glimpse of the world map, with players seemingly able to traverse the entire Han dynasty of ancient China. The next scene shows a new officer of the Wu kingdom, Cheng Pu, and shows him scaling a building with a grappling hook, sneaking his way into an enemy base before launching a surprise assault on unsuspecting soldiers. With this new stealth mechanic, the series is going beyond their usual hack-and-slash fare.

Via Koei Tecmo America
Via Koei Tecmo America

This new stealth mechanic is also shown off with the Wei commanding officer exploring an open field before surprise attacking a group of guards near a stronghold. The next new mechanics to be shown off are the ones lifted from Koei's other game, Toukiden 2, with new boats that players can ride, visiting towns to accept quests and talk to NPCs, and even a return to the bow and arrow mechanic, this time with a Zelda inspired twist with the shooting done in third-person and having an assortment of arrows like fire arrows and ice arrows. Returning series staple, Xiahou Dun is shown blowing up a fleet of troops standing by oil barrels with a fire arrow.

All in all, Dynasty Warriors 9 is shaping up to be the shake up that series needed and is looking very promising. Fans can expect to explore and conquer ancient China once again, for the ninth time soon. Hopefully, Koei Tecmo will give out the release date soon.



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