Drink up for that 1-up, 3D printed Nintendo Switch cup-holders available now

By Dale Bashir on Aug 3, 2017

David Hensley, a game director for Tripwire Interactive, has come up with an ingenius invention for the thirsty players on the go. A cup holder for your Nintendo Switch, complete with slots for both Joy-cons on the side. The creator of this innovation has made it public and available to make for those lucky few who own both an actual 3D printer and a Nintendo Switch via Thingiverse.com, a website for 3D printing enthusiasts to share and download their designs for all to see and recreate.

Hensley, who goes by sanzliot on Thingiverse, is a Game Director from Atlanta Georgia. His previous work includes Unruly Ghouls for the HTC Vive and a Game Boy game cartridge display tower.

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