Boston Uprising Terminates DreamKazper’s Contract Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

By Yue Lynn on Apr 9, 2018

Image Credit: InvenGlobal
Image Credit: InvenGlobal

Boston Uprising has terminated Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez’s contract due to sexual misconduct allegations involving him and an underaged girl.

The allegations came to light after the girl, who’s also an Overwatch League fan, posted up a statement on it.

Here’s the screenshot showing the fact that the 21-year-old knew about the girl’s actual age:

The link that the girl had included at the bottom of her statement contain many screenshots depicting the communication between both parties:

Here are some screenshots depicting how DreamKazper took advantage of the young girl’s vulnerability by showering her with compliments:


In some messages, he would include a photo of himself:

And there were some that were wholly inappropriate:

After being accused of ‘editing the conversations’, the girl posted a video featuring the conversations as evidence:

Additionally, one of the worst things from this whole situation was the fact that the girl was not the only one involved in some ‘inappropriate messaging’ with DreamKazper.

In the meantime, some felt relieved that this was finally brought to light:

But while all this were unfolding, the ugly part of the internet rear its head:



Due to this serious matter at hand, the Overwatch League and Boston Uprising were swift in their responses:

As of now, this case is still under investigation by multiple parties including the Overwatch League, Boston Uprising and reporters:

With this latest issue, the amount of incidents involving Overwatch League players are concerning indeed. However, being of age, these players (who had also become public faces) should have known better by keeping themselves in check instead of partaking in actions that will result in dire consequences for all parties involved. And for some cases, like DreamKazper’s one, it may very well result in career-ending repercussions.

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