Dragon Ball FighterZ: Essential Tips and Tricks The Game Doesn't Teach You

By Dale Bashir on Feb 21, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a heck of a game with tons of fighting and character-specific mechanics that the game may or may not teach you. The initial battles in the story mode does teach you enough of the game to play it well, but to survive against real-life FighterZ opponents, you're gonna need more than the usual light-light-heavy combo. Here's some tips to really up your game: 


While it is common to switch characters on the fly or calling in assists during a combo, a Z-Change is performed when you are blocking, pressing forward and the assist button, to switch out to the character you want instantaneously. This changes up the battle, and you can catch your opponents off-guard by switching from a blocking character to a character that's ready to dish out a combo. It's also highly useful for when you're backed up into a corner. This move uses one bar of your Special meter, so do keep that in mind. 



The Ki button is mainly used to fire off some ki-blasts and the occasional Kamehamehas. Pressing back and Ki however, reflects certain attacks, acting as a sort of parry to the barrage of combos and laser beams you'll be getting in the game. You can also push opponents away with reflect as they come charging at you. Knowing the timing and what attacks you can parry can lead to some punishing combos against your opponents, especially since reflect can easily be combo'd with all kinds of other attacks. Youtuber Dotodoya has a great video on both refelcting and Z-Changing: 




DBZ fights are known for their blinding speeds and characters zipping around the area as they fight. It's a staple mechanic in Dragon Ball games to allow players to vanish from their opponent's line of sight and appear behind them. In FighterZ, this is done by pressing the Heavy and Medium buttons, and costs a bar of Special. This is a good move to get yourself out of tricky situations and escape an opponent's combo to do one of your own. Another thing to note is that when you are down to your third and final character, Z-Changing will act as a vanish instead, since you are out of characters to switch out to. 


Unlisted Moves 


If it's one thing for the game to not teach you a lot of things, it's another for the game to not acknowledge certain moves at all. A bunch of characters like Cell and Frieza have unlisted moves in their move list, moves that are essential to playing them and can be used for some excellent combos. The only way to get around this is by playing the characters a whole lot or by watching videos on them online. Youtuber Maximillian Dood has a great series detailing almost every fighters' special abilities and how you can use them to your advantage: 


Team Composition 


Like most team-based games, team composition is everything and can make or break a match. With 23 characters in the game, there's all kinds of ways to create your team. From what kind of character to choose, to what assists certain characters can do, all these factors are essential to your team composition. Knowing your own playstyle and what roles each character can factor in a team takes time. Use that time to really know what you like and maximize on it when fighting against tough opponents. Youtuber Dotodoya also has a good video on this: 



Tagging Out Characters 


When you find your team, learning how they all interact together is all part of the team composition. One major thing the game doesn't teach you is how to tag in a character with their Super attack. Most people would know how to chain their Supers together with their other two teammates by pressing the Tag button while executing a Super move. Usually this happens with Level 1 Supers, what most people don't know is that holding back while pressing the Tag button ensures a Level 3 Super from the character you're tagging in. Just make sure you have the meter for it. DotoDoya also has a video on this subject:

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