Dota 2 Interview with Adam "343" Shah

By Kurtis Chan on Jul 31, 2017

Gamehubs: Hello Adam “343” Shah. Are you ready?

343: Hi! Ya, let’s start.

Gamehubs: The hottest news this year was your move to compLexity as the Dota 2 team’s coach. How was the transition like and what are your first impressions as a coach when compared to a player?

343: It was pretty smooth, I think it's easy to transition to a short-term coach cause you'll always have new stuff to bring to the table. As a coach I'm more focused on the main problems of the team and I try to fix them through instilling concept, as a player it wouldn't be as easy to see these things, a coach has more of a bird's eye view.

Gamehubs: During your stint as a coach there, did you add a bit of SEA flavor to their playstyles?

343: I would say most of my understanding of Dota 2 comes from watching big tournaments rather than playing in a specific region, sometimes there are moves that might work in your region but not on a big stage, which is ultimately the goal anyway.

Gamehubs: As a player, do you still grind your way up the MMR leaderboard?

343: Not really, but I do have a minimum for myself to be at, just so I can get good games. As a support player, it's difficult for me to play my role in low average games as the cores are usually not the best.

Gamehubs: I see. So what factors from being a coach have helped improved you as a player?

343: I'd say I find identifying and solving problems to be much easier than before, I know the right things to look out for and feel like I reach the root of the problem faster.

Gamehubs: After having a taste of coaching, are you looking to continue your career as a coach, or will you come back as a player in the future?

343: I am definitely looking to play. Coaching to me was something I did because I believed it would've helped me in certain expects that playing does not.

Gamehubs: That’s good to hear. Looking back to the TI qualifiers, was there anything you wished you could have done differently?

343: Not really, I think I did my best and that was what was expected of me, I did feel bad sometimes just because it was my first time coaching and there were some problems that took me time to solve

Gamehubs: Recently you had some issues with your passport, mind if we ask what happened?

343: I just couldn’t find it, I remember putting it in my bag, but on the day I was supposed to leave it wasn't there.

Gamehubs: Oh dang! Did you manage to make a new one, or is it still under processing?

343: I applied for a travel document instead of a passport, compLexity told me it was okay to stay longer but I still felt bad and wanted to come home asap.

Gamehubs: I see. Moving on, was there a reason for the move from Mineski?

343: I believed that there were players in the team who didn't focus on the right things to improve on,  and so the team fell stagnant, I then tried to solve the issue by focusing a lot more on our game play and not on myself, it reached a point where I felt like I was playing really badly and didn't bring anything to the team, and at that point I didn't believe that the team could win anymore so I lost my reason to play.

Gamehubs: So what are your plans for the future?

343: I'm currently remotely coaching Digital Chaos until TI is over, what's after that is a mystery to me right now, but I'll definitely be looking to play.

Gamehubs: Any predictions for the upcoming TI7?

343: Not really. There are many strong teams playing this year, it will all come down to who can deal with the pressure

Gamehubs: Last question before we end the interview. Anything that you want to say or share with your fans?

343: Sorry for the bad year, a lot of mistakes were made but I'm definitely coming back as a better player!

Gamehubs: Thank you for your time 343, and good luck in your future endeavors!

343: Thank you!

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