Do You Prefer to Watch Video Game Livestreams Over Traditional Sports?

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 5, 2018

New York Excelsior celebrating the victory of Overwatch League Stage 2
New York Excelsior celebrating the victory of Overwatch League Stage 2

Nowadays, millennials seem to spend less time watching traditional sports on broadcast television and instead prefer to spend their time watching their favourite video games online.

According to the “State of Online Gaming current report” from Limelight Networks, young gamers aged 18 to 25 worldwide spend an average of three hours and 25 minutes each week watching other gamers play video games online. As a matter of fact, 48% of South Korean gamers are more prone to watch other people play video games online which is almost half of the gamers watching for more than an hour each week.

When compared to watching traditional sports, young gamers only spend two hours and 33 minutes watchtime which is a bit less than their video games viewing time.

The rise of various eSports competitions like the Overwatch League and the upcoming Call of Duty Asia tournament coupled with the rising viewerships on streaming sites such as Twitch may change the course of the impact of video games on media today.

On top of that, the fiery passion of the Malaysian gaming community have launched several video game-related events such as the recent Ctrl Alt Gaming event held just last weekend. The Malaysian gaming scene is no less different than other countries. In 2017, there is an estimation of 14 million players in Malaysia who spent a total of US$587 million which makes Malaysia rank #21 in terms of game spending based on Newzoo’s insight.

The Ctrl Alt Gaming event brought the Malaysian gaming community closer
The Ctrl Alt Gaming event brought the Malaysian gaming community closer

Looking at that figure alone, it does seem like a smart decision for game developers to participate in Malaysia's booming video games industry.

One of important local event is LEVEL UP KL which was initiated by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), functioning as a gathering of various key people in video games industries from all over the world to share the latest information on content development technologies and business trends as well as to inspire budding game developers and publishers in Malaysia.

Moreover, LEVEL UP Inc was launched back in 2016 to offer the necessary resources for promising game developers and small game studios to kick-start their journey in the games industry. Our very own Magnus Games Studio became the first Malaysian video game company to sign a publishing deal with an international company so yes, a Malaysian-made game is going global soon, ladies and gentlemen!

So, if you’re thinking about jobs the industry, check it out the coolest jobs in the world on offer here.

Eventhough all these amazing things happen in Malaysia’s video games industry here doesn’t mean Malaysians will stop playing football and badminton or watch both of the sports on television. Don’t worry, traditional sports are still have a place in our hearts.

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