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By Dale Bashir on Mar 5, 2018

Capcom's latest entry in their Monster Hunter series is definitely taking the world by storm. Like previous entries, Capcom will be doling out the DLCs one at a time, strating with adding a classic monster from previous games, Deviljho, into the game. Besides Shoryuken emotes and Horizon Zero Dawn costumes, we can't wait to see what other monsters will return in upcoming DLC. Here are our top picks for monsters returning to Monster Hunter: World:


This giant ape looks like if Donkey Kong fell into pink hair dye. Usually an early monster encounter, Congala does come with an array of abilities that is sure to confound many players. His prehensile tail can pick up mushrooms, he has a massive belly that is impervious to damage, and occasionally, he'll throw poop at you.

Like any real-world monkey would do. Doing so gives you the Soiled status effect, which you can only purge yourself from it with the Deodarant item. I guess a different kind of Axe is needed to beat this beast.

9. Khezu

These disgusting looking, slugs with wings can prove to be a tough fight for beginners and was usually the mid-game skill-check for players to re-evaluate their skills and hone them some more. Khezus have long necks, no eyes, just a mouth with thousands of teeth. Not to mention its suction cup tail and slime oozing from every crevice of its body.

It mainly relies on stunning its foes with electricity and a paralyzing roar. This aggresive wyvern would definitely make an interesting encounter for players of Monster Hunter: World.

8. Kecha Wacha

This flying Lemur was one of the more unique additions to Monster Hunter 4, using the giant trees of its habitat, Kecha Wacha brings the best out of the stage, Ancestral Steppe, by making use of it's climbing and gliding abilities to cover a lot of ground and allows for hunters to be more creative in approaching this beast.

With Monster Hunter: World's better flow of combat and movement options, Kecha Wacha can prove to be a more formidable opponent this time around while also making for a really fun fight. 

7. Lagiacrus

A sea-dwelling leviathan that was the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 3, Lagiacrus was to show off the series' new underwater hunting mechanics. Lagiacrus is also the biggest undersea monster you and your pals can encounter. While it may be fearsome underwater, it can hold its own on land as well.

With lightning attacks and a tough hide makes for a Lagiacrus to be a threat wherever it is. Monster Hunter: World may not have underwater combat, maybe Capcom can re-introduce this mechanic with the monster that made it exciting in the first place.

6. Malfestio

How often do we get an owl monster i these games? Capcom did not disappoint  when they brought in Malfestio into Monster Hunter Generations. With a name like that and its blue and yellow feathers, Malfestio looks like the very embodiment of evil itself.

It's great to see non-draconic monsters getting cool designs, and it's also great to see more mammal and bird monsters, compared to the usual dinosaurs and dragons. With its sharp talons and swift wings, this is a monster every hunter should fight at least once. 

5. Nibelsnarf

Don't let its cute name fool you, Nibesnarfs are no joke. This sand-dwelling leviathan can "swim" through the sand, kinda like the Molduga in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With its giant maw, Nibelsnarfs can swallow anything whole, smart hunters would know to throw bombs into it, just like how you would deal with Dodongos.

With all these Zelda references, it was a shame that the Nibelsnarf did not appear in Monster Hunter 4 with the Link armor. Being a DLC for Monster Hunter: World will make up for it though. 

4. Dalamadur

The largest monster on this list, this long snake dragon coils itself on tall, rock formations, with hunters only able to attack it from a few vantage points at a time. It is a High Rank Elder Dragon, one of the last monsters for players to battle in Monster Hunter 4, and definitely provides a challenge.

Besides its massive scales, sharp claws, scales covering its long body, this dragon can also breath fire, raining them down like meteors upon hunters. With Zorah Magdaros prooving to be a monumental feat on its own, lest we forget the sheer majesty of Dalamadur.

3. Tigrex

For a long time, the Tigrex was sort of the mascot of Monster Hunter, kinda like Pikachu. Even people who didn't play Monster Hunter would know about Tigrex. It was probably only second to Rathalos in terms of popularity. And yet, it still hasn't made an appearance in Monster Hunter: World.

Its a cross between a tiger, a wyvern and a T-rex, and is just a brute. Its also fearsome and doesn't rely on any elements, only raw strength is packed inside a wild, rampaging Tigrex.

2. Gammoth

I've said it once and I'll say it again, we need more mammalian monsters in Monster Hunter. It mixes up the usual reptilian giants, and what's better than a giant, ferocious mammoth. Gammoths live in the frozen tundra, smashing anything that comes in their way with their massive trunks and tusks.

They're also natural enemies with Tigrexes, thus including both of them would be awesome. Seeing a wyvern fighting a mammoth in Monster Hunter: World's graphics will definitely be a sight to behold.


Though I do have an affinity to more bestial monsters, I simply can't deny how awesome Glavenus is. A cross between a flaming sword and a T-rex, one look and you'll see how this monster is such a force of destruction. And just like us hunters, the Glavenus will sometime stop to sharpen its tail-sword, a cute trait on an otherwise fearsome blade with legs.

No matter how ridiculous you might think Glavenus' design is, this monster definitely encapsulates everything that people enjoy about Monster Hunter. And I definitely hope Glavenus comes to Monster Hunter: World soon.

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