Detroit: Become Human Demo Coming Soon to PS4

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 24, 2018

Connor, Markus and Kara are the three playable characters in Detroit: Become Human
Connor, Markus and Kara are the three playable characters in Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human has been long anticipated by many fans since the developer Quantic Dream showcased Kara’s tech demo back in 2012. Kara is among three androids that will be playable in the game.

The other two androids include Connor, an android programmed for the police in order to pursue down androids that deviate from their standard programme behaviours, the other is Markus, an android who wishes to free himself and other androids from human’s subjugation.

In related news, Sony announced that Detroit: Become Human is certified gold which means the developer is ready to ship and launch the game worldwide.

To celebrate this great news, Quantic Dream will be releasing a demo featuring the police android Connor in one of the game’s chapter called “Hostage”. In the mission, players have to save the life of a little girl who has been taken hostage by an android that is wreaking havoc in the little girl’s apartment. The android also took the life of the girl’s father so tread carefully in every step you take.

As an android tasked by the police, Connor is capable of analysing clues surrounding the apartment and quickly deduce possible outcomes to help in your decision in future negotiation.

The demo will be available tomorrow on 25 April. Check out all the possible results that you will get based on your choices in the video below:

Quantic Dream is best known for their interactive drama video games with stories weaved in between multiple characters like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

Its fifth game, Detroit: Become Human will be launching on 25 May exclusively for PS4.

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